Top Software Engineering Jobs That You Should Be Applying For

Top Software Engineering Jobs That You Should Be Applying For


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The Software Service and IT industry in India is expected to grow between 7-9% in the next fiscal year and add at least 1 lakh jobs over the next year, according to the industry body NASSCOM. This is despite the slowdown in software exports thanks to the instability of politics in USA. The takeaway for freshers is that you can expect a good number of software engineering jobs which you can compete for.

Since you have already written the AMCAT exam and have applied to a few companies, it is beneficial for you if you continue to renew your AMCAT subscription and retain your AMCAT score. This score will help you apply to hundreds of jobs that are suitable for your skills.

Some of the skills that software companies are looking for includes –

  • C, C++
  • .NET
  • Linux
  • JAVA
  • Python
  • NET
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • SQL

We have put together a list of top software engineering jobs that you should apply for which require these skills –

Systems Programmer

A systems programmer is an important job in mainframe IT organizations. This is among the important software engineering jobs and the role involves installing, customizing and maintaining the opoperating system. They need to be hands-on and skilled at debugging problems with the systems software. Your AMCAT subscription will continue your AMCAT score which will help the recruiter evaluate your skills in computer programming which is one of the modules for software engineers.

  • Companies that hire systems programmers – IBM, Cognizant, Convergys, Fidelity IT, Wipro

Software Developer

A software developer job is among the most wanted software engineering jobs and totally worth extending your AMCAT subscription for! Software developers are like the all-rounders who are involved in all stages of the software development process including research, design, programming and testing of computer software. The job role differs in different sized companies as big MNCs have multiple people for each stage of the process while in smaller companies including start-ups you can find just one software developer.

  • Companies that hire software developers – Almost every company that needs a software product!

Application Developer

The application developer jobs are among the most popular software engineering jobs today and warrant a subscription renewal just on their own! Application developers use source code and programming languages to create software as per client needs. Application developers specialize in various languages and in fact the best way to showcase yourself in addition to your AMCAT Score is to get yourself an AMCAT Certification. The certification will assure the recruiter that you are skilled in the technology and can immediately start working on projects.

  • Companies that hire application developers – IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Oracle, ThoughtWorks

Web Developer

Web developer jobs are among the evergreen jobs for software engineers. Since the technologies keep changing every now and then it becomes important to stay on top of the skills required to the do the job. The only way to let your prospective recruiter about your skill level is via your AMCAT Score. This is why it’s a good idea to renew your AMCAT subscription and be able to use your score next year as well. Some of the latest web development technologies are Angularjs, Laravel, React.js, Node.js, Ruby on Rails and Symfony.

  • Companies that hire web developers – Sparkinfosys, Nexevo, Indglobal, Cyber Worx


Considering there are few jobs and immense competition for software engineering jobs over the next year, it’s important to pull up your socks and do a good job at preparing for your job. And the first step in the job preparation process is to renew your AMCAT Subscription so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities!