Hiring Trends: What Recruiters Are Looking For In New Hires

Hiring Trends: What Recruiters Are Looking For In New Hires

The placement season is here and now is the time to understand the hiring trends of the employers know how you can fit in best.

Current hiring trends to help you be prepared for the placement season.
Current hiring trends to help you be prepared for the placement season.

The campus placement season is here. This is one of those crucial times when you want to know exactly what the recruiter is looking for or at least gain some insight in it. Every few years, new hiring trends emerge. These trends are in keeping in mind the job industry, the requirement of the company, what the boss and the employers want and to a certain extent, what the candidate is looking for.

So, what is the current hiring trend? What makes the recruiter decide that you are the perfect fit? Let’s find out…

The passion to succeed

Recruiters don’t want someone who is just book smart, they want someone is passionate about what he is doing and enjoys it. The biggest that recruiters are looking now days is the passion to do something bigger and better and move beyond the rut of things.

The ability to look, work and stay at the top of the game requires some real dedication and employers want such an employee. Your passion should reflect from the previous projects that you have taken up, whether they be internships or college projects. If you have put your heart and soul into the work you will be able and eager to answer questions related to it.


Most often than not, people forget that their communication skill is as much a recommendation of who they are as is their C.V. You might spend a lot of time perfecting your C.V or resume or working around the right answers for common job interview questions. However, all that will fail to matter if your communication skills are not upto the mark.

Most of the companies deal with an international audience. As such, they require people on board who can understand the demand of the international clients or their colleagues sitting across the seven seas and execute it properly. Even within the company, people need to interact and work as a team and your poor interaction skills can cost you the job even if you have the experience and the pretty resume to back you up.

Problem-solving skills

“Tell me about the last time you faced a difficult situation and how you worked around it.”

The interviewer might ask you this or a roundabout or different version of the same question. However, the core essence stays the same. The recruiter wants to analyse your problem-solving skills and you should be ready with a great answer.

Your problem-solving skills tell the recruiter how you well you be able to handle problems that might and will arise in any organisation. Not just for your team, if you can give valuable advice to take the corporation forward, that will be for the better.

A social media buff

Whatever your job profile may be, the fact remains that the world revolves around different social media sites. You need to keep up with the market trend, know what is going on in the online world, what different people are doing, to be able to compete with them.

You don’t have to be an expert at social media, but having an established online presence is sure to help you a lot when you sit for the job interview. Your online presence will make you a great asset to the company and the fact that you have the power to not just browse through Facebook but actually notice what is going in the online world will give you a definite edge.


No, we are not talking about how many Yoga poses you can do with ease, but rather how flexible you are with your working habits. Sometimes working in an MNC means that you will have to over look things that don’t necessarily fall in your domain. You might have to put in hectic hours to complete the work and walk the thin line between work-life balance to get the job done.

Employers look for this flexibility while hiring a candidate. With the emerging IT industry, flexibility is one of the hottest hiring trends which recruiters seek to follow.

This our research and take on the hiring trends of the companies, you can add more to the list and comment about it in the comments section below.