Why is the AMCAT feedback report important for your career?

Why is the AMCAT feedback report important for your career?


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One of the most important features of AMCAT is its feedback report. A lot of you wonder why the AMCAT Feedback Report is so important. So, in this blog today, we’ll focus on this parament and understand its importance.

As a student, you find a few ways in which you can get genuine feedbacks about your employability skills. A friend might boost your confidence and tell you ‘You are awesome’ or your parent might say ‘You can do it!’ or even a teacher might say ‘You should be fine’.

None of them are in a position to give you the ‘true’ feedback that you can work on and improve your chances of getting your first job. This is where the AMCAT Feedback Report comes in!

It is a comprehensive 15-page report card that is given to you after your AMCAT exam. It contains information that you can use to improve yourself.

Here are ways in which the AMCAT feedback report will help you in finding your first job and jobs through AMCAT portal –


Understand where you fit in the competition – Your college marks are an absolute number. They give absolutely no clue to you or the recruiter how you fare against other students. The AMCAT feedback report, on the other hand, gives you a national percentile.

This tells you how good you are when compared to the rest of the people who took the exam. In this scoring, if you score a 90 percentile, then your recruiter knows you are better than 90% of the people who wrote the exam. That’s something that will immediately excite the recruiters and get you an invite for an interview.


Which sectors and industries are suitable to your skills – The best thing about the AMCAT feedback is that you get information about your strong and weak areas. It tells you the job profiles that are suitable for your skills.

For instance, if you are good at Data structures, applied quantitative ability and logical deduction then you might be suitable for a Data Analyst role. If you have low scores in particular skills then it will give you alternatives. You will not be able to get such detailed feedback even if you pay for expensive career counseling!


Resources for improvement – AMCAT feedback report does not just give you feedback but also helps you work on it. The report includes information, study resources, books and links to articles that will help you improve skills. It also gives you a detailed time schedule that you can follow to create a schedule for your next AMCAT preparation.

Plus, you can also use the resources that AMCAT provides like PrepAMCAT that will help you prepare for AMCAT exam keeping in mind the feedback you got.


Understand your personality – One of the highlights of the AMCAT exam is the personality test. While you cannot prepare for the personality test, it gives you a good indicator of your personality. The report rates you on parameters like Extraversion, Openness to experience, Emotional Stability, Conscientiousness, and Agreeableness. This will help you decide whether you want to go in for extrovert profiles like sales profiles or customer service where you need to be agreeable!

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Prepare for the next AMCAT – If you have a great AMCAT score, then the score plus the AMCAT feedback report will help you prepare for the next stage – nailing the interview.

However, if you feel that you can improve on the AMCAT exam, and are planning to write it, then the AMCAT feedback report can help you prepare for it. You will get all the information you need to ace in your next AMCAT and get cracking on that new job.


So, eager to writing the AMCAT Exam and getting your hands on the extensive AMCAT feedback report? Don’t wait, register now! And if you need more information find it on our blog here.