10 Questions That Your Job Resume Should Answer

10 Questions That Your Job Resume Should Answer

Create a targeted job resume
Create a targeted job resume

Creating an eye-catching, compelling and error-free job resume isn’t easy. The way you present yourself in your job application, resume and cover letter will help you move your candidature to the next level of the hiring process.

In addition to that, your resume should include all the relevant and important information about you and your skills. There are a set of questions that your resume should have the answer to. And, if you want your application to move ahead, then make sure you answer those questions in your resume.

To help you make the right resume, we have curated this list of resume questions. Make sure your resume answers all these questions to increase your chances of getting closer to your dream job.

Q1: Which job profile you are applying for?

In your job resume, you should make it clear at the start which job role you are applying for. You can either mention it in the email heading or same your job resume with “Job role-your name”.

You can also mention it in your resume headline or career summary. This will make your resume more job targeted and ATS-proof.

Q2: What are your contact details?

At the top of your job resume, you should mention your personal details like name, home address, email address and phone number. Make sure you put it at the top of your job resume to increase visibility.

Before sending out your job resume, make you go through the contact details again to check for any mistakes or errors. Any mistake in your contact details can seriously put your candidature at risk.

Q3: Why you are the ideal fit for the job?

The purpose of your job resume is to show the recruiter why you are the ideal candidate for the job role. From your resume summary to your skills, everything must be relevant to the job role and the industry.

In addition to that, make sure you have used some keywords from the job description in your resume to make more profile targeted. You can take the help of resume writing services to create a professional job resume to show the recruiter that you are the ideal candidate for the job.

Q4: What are your strengths?

The best way to show the reader your strengths is by mentioning your accomplishments and achievements. Briefly mention your responsibilities and initiatives that you took in your past roles or what you learnt in your internships.

Moreover, you can also mention any project that you undertook or seminar that you conducted during your college years. Putting them on your resume will give validation to your strengths.

Q5: How polished your skills are?

Your skills are an important part of your job search. Based on your skillset you will get closer to your dream job. Just mentioning a handful of skills on your resume won’t really make you stand out from the crowd.

In order to improve your candidature, you need to quantify your skills and abilities. For that, you need to get a good AMCAT score across all the modules. Moreover, in the exam, you can choose at least 2 optional modules depending on the job you are aiming for. This will showcase how polished your skills are in front of the recruiter.

Q6: What are your educational qualifications?

When mentioning your educational qualifications and certifications, make sure you have correctly written graduation year, name of the course and grades. Moreover, when mentioning your grades, try to covert them in percentage.

You should also mention any subjects that you undertook during the graduations which are relevant to the job role. In addition, attaching certification courses on your resume will improve your candidature tremendously.

Q7: Did you undertook any internships?

If you are a fresher, then you should undertake summer or winter internships to show the recruiter that you have on-ground experience. Having relevant internships on your candidature can increase your chances of getting the job offer.

Moreover, mention the responsibilities that you undertook during the internships and how you achieved targets or help achieve them.

Q8: Your responsibilities in the last organisation

As an experienced candidate, don’t forget to talk about your previous work experience. Try to quantify your work as showing numbers on your resume can be more impactful.

In your job resume, you can also mention your long term goals and skills that you developed in your past experiences. Make sure all the information is in bullet points and not in paragraphs.

Q9: What are your hobbies?

Putting hobbies on your job resume is a great way to show the recruiter that you are an all-rounder. Moreover, it will showcase your team spirit and passion for the things you love.

Moreover, hobbies can help provide validity to your soft skills which are essential for your job search.

Q10: Share some samples of your previous work

In your job resume, make sure you add the links of your blogs, portfolio or LinkedIn to help the interview get a glimpse of your skills. Moreover, this will further increase your chances of getting your dream job.

Sharing samples with the interviewer will digitalise your job search and help you strengthen your candidature.


Your job resume is the road towards success, so make sure you left no stone unturned when working on it. Moreover, make sure you keep these resume questions in mind when writing the resume content.

Other than that, the format of your resume matters a lot, so opt for Resume Buddy to choose the best job resume with the right resume temple and get the best job opportunity.