How to prepare for your next IT aptitude test

How to prepare for your next IT aptitude test


How to prepare for your IT aptitude testLast week we discussed some important tips to excel in your next aptitude test. Today, we will see how to prepare yourself for the next aptitude test of IT jobs.

The top IT companies like Cognizant, Accenture, Mindtree, TCS, Wipro offer various roles and positions to the graduates coming from different branches like mechanical, civil, electrical to name a few. Why? Engineering graduates with a certain level of aptitude can easily pick up the skills required for the job. The aptitude tests generally analyses a students ability with the help of an in-depth micro analysis in each domain and usually is the first step to get into these biggies. These aptitude tests can be a pen and paper test, however many IT firms today are moving towards computer adaptive test.

A number of students from different domains apply for the IT jobs apart from the computer science graduates. Though, it is advised to learn the basic concepts of the programming languages(C/C++, Python, Java) to make the job easier but if you are from a different branch and do not know much about programming languages, there is nothing to worry about. The option of learning on the job is always there( even the big IT firms think so!).

So, let’s see what does a typical aptitude test paper of an IT company contain. Basically, it comprises of three parts:-

a) Verbal Ability

b) Quantitative Aptitude and

c) Logical Reasoning.

Clearing these sections doesn’t need any programming expertise. The difficulty level of these questions are generally moderate and is easy to solve if you have practiced well from the available practice papers on internet. The section of verbal ability generally comprises of general English grammar and vocabulary. Expand your knowledge of vocabulary to perform well in this particular section. In the quantitative aptitude section you need to be thorough with the formulas and short methods. Time management is the key here. Remember not to get stuck in a particular question. In Logical reasoning, apply your basic knowledge and logic to clear the cut off of this section. Many companies also have a sectional cut off to clear the aptitude test. So, give equal importance to each section.

IT companies in their aptitude test also has a section of technical section where you need to have basic programming knowledge. So, if you do not have a computer background, learn the basics (C and Data structures) before sitting for the exam. But, if you are from IT or CS then you need to be thorough with C, Data Structures, OOP concepts, DBMS and Operating Systems. Also, the test modules may differ for different roles and positions. Candidates applying for the position of a coder would be tested thoroughly on their coding skills whereas for a position of a tester basic knowledge of the programming languages suffices the purpose.

Here’s some quick tips to excel in your next aptitude test:-

  1. Brush up your vocabulary skills. The knowledge of basic English vocabulary, spelling, grammar and formation of sentences is very essential to do well in this particular section.
  2. Time management is the key to excel in any aptitude test. In the section of quantitative analysis you need to keep an account of the time spent on each question. Do not sit on one question, move on to the next if you are stuck somewhere. Brush up all those methods and techniques that you learnt in your school.
  3. Knowing the basic programming languages will always give you an edge if you are not a computer science graduate and for those who have specialized in IT or CS it goes without saying that the knowledge of languages is the key. However, the major learning would be done on the job so if you are not clear with certain things, you can relax.
  4. Discuss with the people who have given the test previously. Your friend, seniors, brothers, sisters, acquaintances who have already taken the test, talk with them. Trust me, they will provide you tips which would be very helpful.
  5. Practice as much as you can. There are a number of sample test papers present online that helps you to become familiar with the actual test, test pattern, questions and time management.
  6. Wear a watch for the test. It may seem obvious but many fail to clear the aptitude test because of the poor time tracking. So, next time you go for an aptitude test, wear a watch.

Clearing an aptitude test is not that scary as it may seem. With a little patience, devotion, hard work, practice and knowledge you can surely give it your best shot. If you trying to get into a top IT firm and waiting for your on-campus drive then wait no more. Consider taking AMCAT which provides a wonderful opportunity to all the freshers to get into the top IT firms just by taking the test once. More than 200 top IT companies like Deloitte, Cognizant, Sapient, HCL, Accenture, HCL, MPhasis, Ericsson shortlist candidates based on their AMCAT scores directly.

Any other tips that you would like to share from your experience?


  1. Tips you shared here that is really too much good for all students, My brother was failed there since 2 years. It is also helpful for students who give college & university entrance exams for admission. Thank you very much for sharing this useful stuff.