How to excel in your next job aptitude test

How to excel in your next job aptitude test


Aptitude tests are used by the companies today to measure a candidate’s work related cognitive ability. It is one of the most common method to assess whether the candidate is suitable for the job role. These tests have a standardized method of scoring and pattern. They are inherently fair and just as the test-takers are evaluated on same parameters. For example, there are two candidates A and B. A is a topper in his college whereas B is an average student. These tests does not differentiate between any student on their marks or grades but provides equal opportunity to everyone. The companies filter the students based on the results of these tests which are completely unbiased. Hence, a topper (A) and a mediocre (B) has an equal advantage to get into the top companies.

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Many IT and core engineering companies like TCS, Wipro, Satyam, Polaris, IBM, Infosys, Syntel, Birla Soft take help of the aptitude test to filter out candidates and understand the candidate’s capability. The aptitude/employability tests provides a platform to the freshers as well the experienced candidates to understand their true potential that helps them get a job in the premiere companies. These tests help the employers to know how candidates will respond to challenges that they will face on a day to day basis in the organisation. Aptitude tests can be taken online, in the test centers or in the organisation’s office.

There are different kinds of aptitude test to check a candidates potential. Given below are some of the most common kinds of aptitude test that you will come across:-

  1. Numerical Reasoning: These tests include questions based on statistics and figures.
  2. Verbal Reasoning: Tests your verbal logic and capacity.
  3. Intray exercises: Tests how well you can analyse tasks.
  4. Diagrammatic test: Measures your logical reasoning.
  5. Situational test: Analyses your solving work related situations.
  6. Reasoning test: Tests your underlying logic in pattern.
  7. Cognitive ability test: Checks your general intelligence level that includes several aspects of aptitude test.
  8. Error analysing test: It checks your ability to identify errors in complex data sets.

Apart from these, the companies might also want to test your core skills ability through these tests. For example, a computer engineer would be tested on his coding and programming skills.

Here are some tips to excel in your next aptitude test

  1. Talk to the people who have taken the test before: Talking to the test takers can be really helpful. Speak with your friends, seniors or acquaintances who have given the test in the past. They can share their experience and insights on what to expect in the test and how did they prepare for it.
  2. Practice:“Practice makes a man perfect.” Remember? Before, appearing for the real test it is advised to practice the similar kinds of tests before to improve your performance. It helps you to become familiar with the actual test. So, practice as much as you can to kill it in the real one.
  3. Refer to websites where you can get practice tests: Search for sites where you can get the practice/sample test papers. And, as mentioned above practice them to get a good idea of the test pattern, questions and time management.
  4. Just do not emphasize on your core subjects: It is undoubtedly important to give huge importance to the core subjects but it is also important that you do not leave preparing for the sections like English, logical reasoning, data interpretation etc. Companies consider these sections while deciding on a candidate.
  5. The extras: Get a good night sleep, be confident, know the venue of the test center, arrive properly and appropriately dressed. Do not forget to wear a watch. Follow the instructions given before the test carefully. And, most importantly do not forget to treat your test like your job interview. This is your first step to climb up the ladder.
  6. Time management: Time management is very important while you are giving your job aptitude test. Work quickly and carefully throughout the test. Don’t get stuck on a particular question. If you have any difficulty with a particular question, do not spend extra amount of time trying to solve it instead move on to the next question and keep account of the time spent.
  7. Confidence: Reach the exam center armed with knowledge and confidence. Attempt each question with confidence and always keep track of the time spent on each question. Do not freak out if you are not able to solve certain questions. Be confident, calm and collected to kill it in your job aptitude test.

The AMCAT is one such aptitude test that bridges the gap between students and companies. It helps the candidates assess their strengths and weaknesses and then matches them to jobs in top companies.