AMCAT Hiring Drive: 123 jobs in Mindtree, Cognizant (April 11)

AMCAT Hiring Drive: 123 jobs in Mindtree, Cognizant (April 11)

The AMCAT Hiring Drive continues with fresher jobs for graduates. In fact, last week saw more than 150 job offers rolled out - including 123 in Mindtree.


Even as the experts debate over the market outlook and employment, there is still a silver lining as far as fresher jobs are concerned. The AMCAT Hiring Drive continues, with jobs offered to graduates in Mindtree jobs, Cognizant jobs, Leanspoon and Aglasem Edutech.

The first week of April saw nearly 150 job offers rolled out to candidates who have already taken the AMCAT test. These jobs were centred in Hyderabad, Noida and Bangalore.

Here is a breakdown of the job offers that were rolled out as part of the ongoing AMCAT Hiring Drive:

Company Name Location Profile Offered No. of Offers
Mindtree Bangalore/



Trainee Engineer 123
Cognizant Hyderabad Engineer Trainee – IT/IS 10
Leanspoon Hyderabad Marketing and Operations Executive 4
AglaSem Edutech New Delhi Social Media Executive, Backend Executive 3
MCS Geotech Lucknow Software Developer 3
Aufklarung Office Space Solutions Mumbai Community Manager, Sales & Operations 2
RTB Demand Bangalore Ad Network Marketing Analyst 2
W3Villa Technologies Noida PHP Developer 1
Maintec Technologies Noida Consultant- Network Analyst 1
Insponse Business Consulting Kolkata Marketing Executive 1
Confianza TechnoSoft Solutions Hyderabad PHP Developer 1

Congrats, if you are one of those few graduates, or graduating students who were shortlisted for these jobs. And if you did not make it through, don’t worry – if you do not make the shortlist put together by recruiters, you still stand a chance. Apply on our exclusive job offers (the ones for Cognizant and Mindtree are still open).

And if you still haven’t taken the AMCAT test, consider scheduling one for yourself here. You could also check yourself against this preparation schedule.