What Are The 3Ps Of AMCAT Premium And How Do They Help

What Are The 3Ps Of AMCAT Premium And How Do They Help


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If you know about AMCAT exam you’re probably aware of how important it is for your professional career. The amcat exam opens new employment avenues for, both, job seekers and job providers.

Naturally, the amcat score is valuable to both the parties. The companies evaluate your candidature based on your amcat score which is why you must work hard to get a decent one.

So, how do you begin your amcat preparation at the first place?

Well, it is easy to get confused with the abundance of irrelevant information available online regarding amcat preparation.

But here’s exactly what you need to prepare for the most important examination of your life – AMCAT Premium. It’s a complete game changer for students struggling with amcat preparation.

So, here’s a quick outline of what is AMCAT Premium.

Amcat Premium is about the 3 Ps

Be Prepared 

Nothing worth having comes easy. So is the case with a good amcat score.

Sometimes even you’ve learned, practiced and revised the entire syllabus you end up performing average in the real examination.


This is because of mental pressure, lack of time, slow speed, and other factors like nervousness, etc. The best way to overcome such examination cold feet is to do mock tests.

PrepAMCAT is a part of the AMCAT Premium package that allows you to take up a mock amcat test which is exactly like the original amcat exam at the comfort of your home. It is an adaptive test which shifts its difficulty level according to your answers.

What’s more!? A comprehensive feedback report is delivered in two hours which helps you in identifying your strong and weak areas.


Be Precise 

The journey towards a good job begins at the hem of a great resume. Unfortunately, most freshers and even some very experienced professional do not know how to create an impressive resume, which is a major obstacle in their careers.

As a part of the amcat preparation process, you must have a precisely done, well organized professional looking resume when you go for interviews.

How do you get that in place?

Well, the amcat premium package includes another helpful tool called Resume Buddy. It is a great helping tool for those who haven’t been able to build the best resume for their candidature.

With Resume Buddy you can create a skills-based professional looking resume in under 5 minutes that too all by yourself. With 25+ resume templates, content recommendation, file formats and spell check, you can instantly create a resume for the win.


Be Presentable

What happens when you get a good amcat score? You’re called in for interviews at the top-notch companies where it is understandable for you to have cold feet.

No matter how well versed you are with the technical know-how of the job in question, there are certain factors that can turn your interview into a complete failure.

For instance, a wrong gesture or blank answer can make you look like a total mess at the job interview.

So, to avoid cutting a sorry figure at the interview you must use Mock AI. It is the latest offering AMCAT to aid your job preparation. The tool is based on Machine Learning and Automated Intelligence which evaluates your interview performance on the basis of your body posture, facial expressions, and voice modulation.

A week before the real interview you must practice mock interviews at home using Mock AI to thoroughly analyze where you stand in terms of interview preparation.





The whole idea of AMCAT exam is to make you job ready, from start to finish. Whether it’s about the exam syllabus, resume, score or interview – the idea is to make your fully ready for anything and everything.

So, to fulfill the promise amcat has come up with AMCAT Premium – A one-stop solution to make you job ready. Don’t wait; take up the amcat premium package today!