6 Things That Ensure Success In The AMCAT Exam

6 Things That Ensure Success In The AMCAT Exam


amcat examThe AMCAT exam is a boon for candidates looking for great job opportunities. However, to enjoy the full benefits of the AMCAT exam, you need to ensure that you do well not only in the module of your choice but the compulsory modules too.

But the real question is, how do you do well in the AMCAT exam? And what are the things that can ensure success in it?

Having a syllabus plan

The most important thing that can ensure success in the AMCAT exam is knowing the syllabus and having a plan according to it. If you go through the AMCAT syllabus, you might come across some topics which wouldn’t seem so tough or even be easy for you and some, not so much.

You need to divide the syllabus topics accordingly to see how much focus you should lay on each.

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Being time conscious

A very common issue that most candidates face when attempting the AMCAT exam is that they fall short on time. As in, they are not able to complete the whole paper in the stipulated time period and thus lose out on important marks.

So, work in a time bound frame to ensure that you do not fall victim to it during the final exam. This practice will help you in all consecutive exams as well.

Working according to a timetable

Having a timetable and a detailed timetable at that is really, really important during the AMCAT exam. You need to be organised to complete the syllabus and have enough time to practice for it too.

So, plan your weekly timetable accordingly.

Challenge yourself

Once you are done with the syllabus, try and challenging your limits. Give yourself certain time frames in which you need to solve the questions. Or opt for questions and workbooks which you think are particularly tough.

If there is any subject or topic that you are unsure about, then focus all the more on it till you have not perfected it.

Practice, practice, practice

It goes without saying that one of the most important AMCAT preparation tips is practising and a lot of it. ‘Practice makes a man perfect’, and it stands true in this case too.

So, solve as many sample papers as you can get your hands on. And, try to use your theoretical knowledge to solve more and more questions so that your concepts are clearer and you know how to apply them.

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The path to success in the AMCAT exam goes through a lot of hard work, practice, time management and knowing your strengths and weaknesses. So, start preparing for the AMCAT test right away to make sure that you do very well in it.

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  1. English Comprehension 430, 33%
    Quantitative Ability (Advanced) 535, 64%
    Logical Ability 520, 71%
    Computer Programming 495, 79%
    Computer Science 408, 59%

    Will I get shortlisted for any IT job or should I retake the exam?

  2. Hello Ananya,

    Your scores are moderate. So, my you can wait for sometime and see if you get any interview calls. If not, then I would recommend you retake the exam and prepare much stronger the second time. If you are eyeing a job in IT, ensure that your scores in Quant and CS are pretty high at least.

    All the best!