Cracking the AMCAT: How to solve the logical reasoning test (Part II)

Cracking the AMCAT: How to solve the logical reasoning test (Part II)

The AMCAT Logical Reasoning Test Section is a compulsory test section – one of three: English Language, Logical Reasoning and Quantative Section.

Tips and tricks to crack the AMCAT test
Tips and tricks to crack the AMCAT test

We’re back with the follow-up to our first edition of Cracking the AMCAT: Solving the Logical Reasoning test. And here we continue with examples in deductive and abductive reasoning.

Deductive Reasoning

Questions related to deductive reasoning are about taking a given statement and deducing the truth/falsehood/answer from them.

Here are few examples of questions related to deductive reasoning:

Consider this question:

An example of a deductive reasoning question in the AMCAT logical reasoning section.
An example of a deductive reasoning query in AMCAT logical reasoning section.

Let’s try to solve it:

Correct answer: Option 1

Statement 1 says that Rafael, Brock and Smith are of the same height.

Statement 2 says that Rafael is taller than Smith. This is contradictory to statement 1. Also, this statement does not talk about Brock’s height in comparison with the others.

So, only statement 1 is independently able to answer the question. The answer as per statement 1 is – No, Brock is not taller than Smith. They are of the same height.

Once more:

A question in deductive reasoning from AMCAT logical reasoning test

Seems simple – no? Then the logical reasoning questions’ answers and explanation are here.

Correct answer:  Option 3

Here is why:

Abductive Reasoning:

This type of assessment in logical reasoning is a form of inference, where you take given statements or look forward to complete a sequence (data or words) from the statements/words given.

Here are a few examples of these questions:

Correct answer: Option 4

Based on the order of steps in the making of cloth, the sequence should be:

Try this one:

Correct answer: Option 4

Let’s decode the statements first:

R ? A: R ≤ A

B = A: B > A

B/C: B = C

This can be deduced as:

R ≤ A < B = C

Let’s decode the conclusions now:

  1. R ? C: R ≤ C
  2. A + C: A = C / 2

None of the statements can be concluded to be definitely true.

Keen on more? Stay tuned for our next edition of Cracking the AMCAT logical reasoning questions and answers, where we take up the next section – chosen through an opinion poll. In the meantime, you can continue to prepare yourself with the AMCAT Sample Papers.

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