5 simple ways to cope up with Interview Rejection

5 simple ways to cope up with Interview Rejection

Don' t be upset if you got rejected! Just follow these 5 simple ways and do not let that interview rejection knock you down!

How to handle interview rejection

Facing the interview rejection‘I gave my 100% but got rejected, what am I supposed to do now?’ This question often crosses our mind after that rejection call, email or letter. Sure, it is never a pleasant experience especially if you have faced several rejections in the job search. You prepared well and were almost sure that you will get the job but unfortunately it turned the other way round. This undoubtedly can be very frustrating. But, keeping the confidence and faith intact is equally important as the skill set in your resume. So, don’t let that rejection mail affect your performance. In order to help you stay positive, determined and focused we have compiled 5 simple ways which will definitely help you to cope up with the interview rejection.

Don’t start doubting yourself

Stop blaming yourself. There can be several reasons why you were rejected and many of them might have nothing to do with your interview performance. For example, the company gave preference to some internal candidate or they found someone with higher degree or experience or the job role has been put on hold or the interviewer just had a bad day. Whatever it is, don’t let one rejection knock down your credence. If you gave it your best shot, there is nothing more you could have done. So, stop thinking and gear up for the next one!

Don’t go overboard blaming the interviewer

Learn from your mistakes. There must have been something that gave way to that rejection email/letter/call. Analyze what were the shortcomings and the gap between your skills and the job needs. Think and try to overcome them. Ask yourself some relevant questions like: ‘Did I even understand the job profile well?’ or ‘ Did I take the interview very lightly?’ or ‘Was your price sky high?’ or ‘ Were you over confident?’ or ‘Were you able to communicate your ideas well?’ By asking questions, you focus on learning and growth and consequently move forward. Also, helps you to decide and act prudently.

Be professional and ask for a feedback

Ask for the feedback from the hiring manager or the recruiter (If you get a chance or drop an email). Talk to him/her about the shortcomings he/she analyzed and the reason for the rejection. Be as professional as possible. Ask them if they can give some suggestions on how to improve your weaknesses. Instead of imagining and contemplating based on your assumptions, just ask for a feedback, figure out the weak points and go ahead. Keep in mind not to over-analyze and over think on the rejection or the feedback. Learn to make an opportunity from the rejections (I know it is tough but worth it!)

Be positive and keep learning

Staying positive, patient and motivated is the key to success. Do not let these rejections hit your confidence level. Sure, it is tough but you are not alone (we all have faced this!) Keep yourself active, do not sit and sulk. If you are currently not employed then join some relevant course, do freelancing, teach or do some part time work. This will not only keep you busy, build confidence but also help to sharpen your skills and interests.

A new beginning

Move on! Just that you got rejected doesn’t mean you are not worth it. Try to have a new approach. Tailor your resume to best match a new opportunity and prepare for a new interview. Do not carry your failure with you, treat each new job opportunity with an open and fresh mind. Learn from the mistakes of your last interviews and be the best version of you in the present one (remain true to your personality and experience though!)

When something bad happens, you have three choices: you can either let it define you, let it destroy you or let it strengthen you. Choice is yours. But, it is always better to choose something that makes you stronger, isn’t it?

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  2. It is important to have positive attitude and accepting what happened to us. It is always good to come out from your past and face the future thanks for your article it definitely helpful to students those are just gone through one or two interview. Keep writing tips for us.

  3. Great article !! and yes that’s a great advice about Ask for Feedback because you get to know that where do you lack and prepare according to that. Thanks a lot for these tips.