AMCAT Previous Years Papers For Computer Science Students

AMCAT Previous Years Papers For Computer Science Students


amcat preparation

We already know about the relevance of amcat exam, it is necessary to put in all heart and soul in amcat preparation. It takes months and months to deep dive into the syllabus and finally become ready to take the test head on.

The amcat preparation involves reading through high-school textbooks, newspapers, general knowledge books and study material related to your college education which will form a part of the optional module.

Not to forget, going through and attempting previous year amcat sample papers and question papers is advisable if you wish to analyze your readiness before the real exam.

So, B.E. In Computer Science graduates who are preparing for amcat exam must read further to have a clearer idea of what to study to get that bang-on amcat score.

The amcat exam score has been used as a parameter to judge the employability of a candidate throughout India.

Since the inception of amcat exam, every 6 out of 10 companies like the Wipro, Accenture, Cognizant and Deloitte take into consideration an engineering student’s AMCAT score before hiring them.

This is generally the first round of evaluation that engineering students go through while applying for jobs.

You must know that the multi-dimensional exam tests candidates on their Quantitative Ability, English comprehensive, Logical Reasoning and an optional module that varies depending upon your educational background.

Check the complete amcat syllabus for CSE here.

For instance, an engineer with B.E. in Computer Science will have to successfully attempt the optional module of Computer Science to be eligible for further interviews at desirable companies.

So, when B.E. in Computer Science students sit down for amcat preparation they should understand the exam pattern, marks allotment rules and tips and tricks to score well in the MCQ kind amcat exam.

Read further to know how amcat sample papers and previous papers can help in guiding your learning process for the exam.

Amcat Preparation For CSE Students

You will probably know out of the experience that amcat preparation isn’t a one-day job.

The students must try to learn and understand every aspect of every module. Whether its quantitative aptitude or logical reasoning or optional module of computer science, the candidates should be well-versed with all high-scoring topics at least.

The amcat preparation route includes going through study material and amcat sample papers available online.  Since there is no negative marking in the test, the students must try to attempt all questions without hesitation.

Now we will look into the types of questions and marks associated with them that form the optional module of computer science in the amcat exam.

The knowledge about the pattern of the amcat exam helps in planning the course of amcat preparation in the right way. This section will give you an idea of what to expect when you appear for the exam.

AMCAT Exam pattern

A total number of 25 questions are asked in the optional module that is divided into three categories asked in the carrying 900 marks.

Operating system and computer architecture

There are roughly 11 questions based on operating systems and computer architecture in this module. This is a highly important section with mid-high levels of difficulty. The students must not spend more than 1 minute on each question except for Paging questions that will take two minutes. In order to match up your speed, the students must include solving amcat sample papers as a part of their amcat preparation.

  • Basics of OS
  • Computer Architecture
  • Process Management and Synchronization
  • Memory and I/O Management

Database management system

A total of 9 questions are framed out of DBMS related topics. These questions are of advanced difficulty and thus they need to be practiced very often.

Computer science networks

The amcat preparation stands incomplete if you aren’t able to attempt these questions. These 6 questions belong to the core subjects of computer science course which must be perfected before the amcat exam day.

In this section, most questions asked are from TCP/IP concepts like IP4/IPV6 etc.this is a section of AMCAT CSE questions where most computer science students score poorly. However, questions are direct so if you know the answer then you must proceed or else leave it there.

It is better advised to san through previous year’s amcat exam question paper before the actual exam to test your capabilities. Some questions from the previous year are listed below. You must definitely look at more of these question papers here.

Q1. Anil is designing a database of motor vehicles. It has one base entity ‘Vehicles’ which is classified into two sub-entities, 2 -wheeler and 4-wheeler. He further breaks them down into more entities. What is the process being used here?

  1. Generalization
  2. Specialization
  3. Aggregation
  4. Segregation


Q2. Sunil is working on a database management system. He wants to program transactions such that a transaction is completed only if the entire database operations are completed and committed, otherwise the transaction is aborted and rolled back. Which of the following database characteristics is he trying to implement?

  1. Atomicity
  2. Consistency
  3. Isolation
  4. Durability


To be able to attempt such type of questions successfully you must be well-versed with the topics of database management. You already know that these questions are fairly easy to score if the basics lay clear in your head right before the exam.

So, if you’re an aspiring amcat student from computer science background then you should read through all amcat sample papers to add final touches to your amcat preparations. The previous year papers must also be studied as they are good enough study material too. You can find amcat sample papers and previous year question papers on here.



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    There’s no cut-off in amcat, as there’s no pass or fail system in amcat exam. However, an ideal score of 550 or above is recommended for each module.

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