Frequently Asked Questions About The AMCAT Exam

Frequently Asked Questions About The AMCAT Exam

AMCAT Exam Questions- What is the minimum score required to get a good job through the AMCAT examination? One must strive to secure a minimum 550 score.


Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test or the AMCAT exam is an employability assessment that bridges the gap between you and your dream job. This examination opens multiple doorways to embark on your professional journey with great ease. Every year, thousands of students appear for this test to shape their careers in the desired field. Since it is a comprehensive test, therefore many students get stuck on various questions related to it. Out of these, certain commonly asked queries can lighten the load of the candidates’ inquisitiveness once resolved.

FAQs about AMCAT Exam
FAQs about AMCAT Exam

Delve into the detailed guide of the AMCAT frequently asked questions. Check the space below.


Here is a list of five important questions commonly asked towards the AMCAT exam:-

Question 1. How many times can someone appear for the AMCAT examination?

Answer 1. This question is yet another critical query raised by the students. They wonder as to what is the frequency of the AMCAT test. This test adopts a flexible approach. Students can take the examination as many times as they desire. All they need to ensure is that there should be a gap of 45 days between your last attempt and the next one.

If your query is still not resolved, then you can visit the official website and raise a query ticket followed by it. Click here for more details. 

Question 2. What is the minimum score required to get a good job through the AMCAT examination?

Answer 2. See, the AMCAT exam is, conducted for students from every walk of life. There are uniquely curated tests for different categories according to the requirements. AMCAT bridges the gap between you and job opportunities. It offers aptitude assessments for engineers, graduates, MBA, etc.

It implies, depending on different situations, the AMCAT test cutoff varies accordingly. But one must strive to secure a minimum 550 score to keep it on the safer side.

Question 3. What is the examination pattern of the AMCAT examination?

Answer 3. This one of the most commonly asked questions towards this AMCAT employability test. The examination pattern provides a roadmap of its structure. It gives a student an overview of various key points such as the test duration, number of questions, etcetera. This assessment is conducted for jobs in various domains. Therefore, here is a general overview of the AMCAT exam pattern:-

Section-wise Overview of AMCAT test:-

i. English- There are 18 questions in this section. You will be given 18 minutes to solve this section.
ii. Quantitative Ability Tech- The QA Tech section comprises 16 questions. You will get 1.25 minutes to enter your response. The total duration of this section is around 20 minutes.
iii. Logical Ability- This is a 15-minute section that comprises a total of 12 questions.
iv. Quantitative Ability- There are 14 questions. This section has to be solved in 20 minutes.
v. Information Gathering and Synthesis- There will be 12 questions in the IGS section. It has to be attempted in 15 minutes.
vi. APMI- Now, this section has 90 questions which are to be completed in 20 minutes.

Note- The above-mentioned information is just a general gist of the AMCAT examination pattern. For jobs in different domains, the examination pattern also varies. You can click here for more details. 

Question 4. How to prepare for the AMCAT examination?

Answer 4. This question is subjective. Everyone shares a different methodology while approaching any examination. However, students must keep a few things in mind as they move ahead with the preparation of the AMCAT test. For different jobs, the examination is conducted differently. However, there are certain common points you can keep in mind to optimise your preparation strategically. Check the space given below:-

i. Go through the AMCAT exam pattern thoroughly. Now review the AMCAT syllabus to get an in-depth idea of the topics.

ii. Create a timetable. This practice structures your day. Everyone has different prearrangements. Therefore, curate your own schedule according to your comfortability so that you can diligently follow the same.

iii. Work on your basics before jumping to the advanced level. Unless the foundation is strong, the building will never be sturdy. So take care of the basic intricacies of each section and then level up your preparation. 

iv. Practise as many questions as you can. It provides a simulation of the actual examination. Now there are a plethora of questions on the internet and in offline mode too. Therefore, you need to prepare from the right source only. Otherwise, you will drown in the ocean of questions from multiple sources. There is an AMCAT mock test series which leverages your preparation according to examination requirement. These tests will give you enough chances to experience the simulation of the actual test. So choose the right source and give your best shot.

Question 5. Is there any negative marking in the AMCAT exam?

Answer 5. AMCAT is an adaptive examination. This implies that if you answer the question correctly, then it will get tougher. On the other hand, the level of questions becomes easier if your response is incorrect. Thus, there is no negative marking in the AMCAT exam. So, ideally, you should attempt all the questions. In this way, the AMCAT examination gives you an excellent opportunity to test your abilities and competence for a particular job. It is always better to check the test pattern before sitting for the examination. The exam pattern will provide you with the marking scheme and the sectional breakup. You can click here, to check the AMCAT pattern in detail. 

We hope that your queries are resolved. If you still have some doubts, then you reach out to AMCAT Help Center for the resolution.

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