Discover your Personality Traits with the Employability Report

Discover your Personality Traits with the Employability Report


Let's learn about the second part, "Personality". After getting results, you can view the Your Personality section in Chapter 4 of the Employability Report.Employers will, obviously, consider your degree, but they’ll be more concerned with how employable you are for the job. Employers search for this since they are interested in more than just your theoretical knowledge of the position. They want to know that if you have the knowledge, abilities, and character traits necessary to succeed in the position. But before we get there, let us start by giving an employability test. The AMCAT test evaluates a candidate’s skills and evaluates their employability level, and lets the candidate know if they are employable or not. Those who take the AMCAT receive a feedback report that helps them evaluate their employability.

There are a few ways for individuals to get honest feedback on their employability skills. The AMCAT Employability Report is relevant in this context. After giving the AMCAT exam, you will receive a full employability report that is about 14 – 21 pages long. You can use the knowledge to enhance your talents. The feedback report is one of the most important features of AMCAT. Since we all know, the feedback report is divided into four components.

Let’s learn about the second part, “Personality”. After receiving your results, you can view the Your Personality section in Chapter 4 of the Employability Report. In this blog, we’ll focus on personality and discuss its significance. A personality trait is provided on the basis of Big Five Model of Personality (OCEAN), globally accepted as the most scientific and validated model of personality. We’ve added an extra trait of Polychronicity to test the candidates’ multi-tasking capabilities.

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What is the relevance of knowing your personality type and how it can help you?

Personality qualities have a strong correlation with outcomes in the areas of learning, employment, health, and general well-being. Personality not only affects how we behave and react to our surroundings, but it also drives certain behaviours in us. Multiple expressions: A person’s personality can be seen in more than just their actions. Our ideas, feelings, close relationships, and other social interactions are all examples of it.

This chapter’s goal is to analyze your personality and provide you with insights into your behavioral elements. Your AMPI (Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory) responses were used as the foundation for the analysis. Based on international standards, AMPI is a trustworthy and accurate personality test.

This chapter’s several subsections are specifically created to present a comprehensive look at a variety of topics. The key sections of this chapter are as follows:

Your Personality Score

If you want to identify your personality. The AMCAT exam’s personality test is one of its hallmarks. Personality tests are widely used in pre-employment evaluations and are a fantastic way to learn about your personality. We are sure that everybody wants to know what their personality types are, based on the candidate’s response to Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory (AMPI), the analysis is done. This means your score in the report depends on the Big Five Model of personality, which is globally accepted as most scientific and validated model of personality. You can use this to decide if you want to pursue an extrovert job in sales or customer service.

Your Z-score and percentile for each trait are displayed in the table and figure below. Your Z-score is represented by each bar in a personality trait.

Scores and Their Interpretation:

You have been rated as being Low, Medium, or High for each attribute. Please be aware that this classification is a relative process rather than an absolute one. Based on our nation’s categorization, norms on a group of applicants for entry-level positions. Both a low and high percentile do not indicate poor or excellent performance, respectively as performance is not a concept in personality.

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Description of your personality

On the basis of your scores, this report provides you an explanation of each trait. Your personality characteristics are completely described for you in this section. Read below, to understand more about them.


Extraversion is characterised as a propensity to engage with the outside world. People with high levels of extraversion can be outgoing, conversational, and forceful. They like social gatherings and other people’s companionship. They require outside stimulation and become more energetic while connecting with others. They have a large social network and like forming new relationships.


Some psychologists refer to conscientiousness as having the Will to Achieve. Typically, it is seen to have two components: a drive for success and a commitment to reliability. The latter is distinguished as being thorough, well-planned, and accountable. The former is correlated with volitional traits including effort, tenacity, and achievement oriented.

Emotional Stability

Being in a state of psychological steadiness is referred to as emotional stability. People who are emotionally stable are usually calm and even-tempered, and they frequently have higher emotional IQs. On the other side, those with poor emotional stability are more prone to feel anxious, depressed, embarrassed, or insecure in response to insignificant environmental cues. These folks tend to magnify even little alterations.

Openness to Experience

Openness to Experience is linked to being unusual, open-minded, artistically sensitive, inquisitive, and creative. This has been a challenging quality to pin down; different psychometricians have referred to it as intellect, culture, or openness to experience. They can readily adapt to change and think intuitively. They are progressive and seek to experiment with new approaches and concepts.


Social compliance, friendliness, compliance, and generosity are all examples of agreeableness. Agreeable individuals are understanding, and helpful, and have faith that others would return the favour. They are well-liked by their coworkers and do not think that individuals should be manipulated. Customer relationships benefit from agreeable people.


The extent to which an individual prefers to perform multiple things at once and thinks that this is a productive work style is characterised as the multitasking attribute. People who score high on this feature enjoy multitasking, whereas those who score badly prefer to focus on only one activity at a time. This attribute assesses a person’s propensity to multitask instead of their actual capacity to do so.

Your Personality Type

As per your responses throughout the assessment and your score in every trait mentioned above, your personality type is suggested by the system in your report.

You might get one of the personality types listed below:


A giver is generally charming, friendly, kind, creative, and diversified. This means you have an exterior focus and great interpersonal skills. Also, you are friendly with a natural desire to be encouraging and supportive.


You value relationships that are genuine and profound. You actually like supporting your friends and want to do your part for their well-being. People may frequently consider you as a close friend or a confidant if you are generally well-liked by your peers.


You enjoy being in charge of things, circumstances, and other people. Generally speaking, feeling unknown makes you feel unsafe. You think that everything should be carried out in accordance with the law. You enjoy planned and organised activities and prefer to follow established procedures. Apart from them, there are a lot of other traits as well.

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