What Are The Chances Of Getting A Job Through AMCAT?

What Are The Chances Of Getting A Job Through AMCAT?



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New Year, new goals! If getting a job through AMCAT is one of your goals this year, then you need to make sure you put in the best effort to achieve it.

While there are many benefits of writing the AMCAT exam, like showing your employability skills to your prospective employers and highlighting your skill level against the national average, most students aim for getting a job through AMCAT as their primary goal.

Getting a job through AMCAT is one of the best ways of landing fresher jobs, however, it is dependent on how well you approach the AMCAT exam and the efforts you put after that.

“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work” – Colin Powell

Now, the big question is how do you put in the effort to increase your chances of getting a job through AMCAT? We have a three steps process for you, which should work as a guide for your path to success –

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Step 1 – A high score in AMCAT

The first step in getting a job through AMCAT is making sure you get a good score in the AMCAT exam. Employers wish to hire students with the highest scores and you should aim to get the highest possible. You can do this by –

  • Studying the syllabus and ensuring you have covered all the topics that will be asked in the exam.
  • Going through the sample papers to get an idea of what’s coming your way
  • Taking the PrepAMCAT, a mock exam to simulate the actual AMCAT exam environment. You will get a score and a report card which will help you understand how you will perform in the actual exam.
  • Working on the inputs of the mock exam score and changing your study strategy to improve on the actual AMCAT exam

Once you give the exam, and get the score, you are just through one-third of the battle!


Step 2 – Prepare a great resume

The next step in increasing your chances of getting a job through AMCAT is making sure you have an impressive resume. The good score will ensure you go through the first process of short listing, but the next step is resume. The recruiter wants to see if you have the skills and experience that will be useful in the job they are hiring for. You can create a good resume like this –

  • Pick a good resume format that is aesthetic and professional looking
  • Write a resume headline, objectives are passé now
  • Use keywords and relevant phrases that are appropriate to the job profile you are applying
  • Get the details right and include a lot of facts and figures
  • Highlight your achievements instead of your responsibilities, employers want to know how well your performed instead of what you had to do
  • Format and proof-read the resume before sending it out to the recruiter

If all these things confuse you or you don’t know where to even start from, use Resume Buddy. The tool is your best partner in getting a job through AMCAT. It has 25+ resume formats suitable for each job role, plus 250 phrases and keywords, and will create a resume that can be picked up by any AI or computer software.


Step 3 – Prepare for the personal interview

Getting a good score and having a professional resume is two-thirds of the job done! The next step in ensuring you get a job through AMCAT is being prepared for a personal interview. Here is you should do that –

  • Learn about the company, and the job role you are applying for
  • Improve your communication skills, you will have to practice months in advance for this
  • Get your body language right. The best way to assess your body language, speaking skills and voice is by undertaking a mock interview. You can use the MockAI tool to get a personal report on interviewing skills and information on how to improve them.
  • Be prepared for common interview questions

Once you do all these things you will be confident of your ability and that will surely increase your chances of getting a job through AMCAT.




That’s all there is to it, there is no formula or algorithm, just smart effort that will get you a job through AMCAT. You can in fact save money and get the Premium AMCAT Combo with the Prep AMCAT, Mock AI and Resume Buddy tools that will make your job that much easier!

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  1. Greetings,
    Respected sir/ Madam.

    Iam MASOOD MIYA Planning to attend AMCAT exam soon, but one doubt creating back pressure is
    Is it help full for mechanical engineering too ?

    Thank you

  2. Hi Masood,

    Yes it is. AMCAT is helpful for graduates from all engineering as well as non-engineering streams.

  3. Where we have to write this exam?? Sir if we got good results in which stream we will get a job

  4. Hello Shahnaz,

    You have to register for AMCAT and schedule a test date from our website. You can do the same directly by clicking here

    All the best