What Are The Best Tools For AMCAT Preparation?

What Are The Best Tools For AMCAT Preparation?


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The lack of decent job opportunities, stiff competition, and sorry state of college examinations in India has shaken the youth of the country. The students aspiring to have respectable jobs are now getting religiously dedicated towards AMCAT preparation.

For the uninitiated, AMCAT exam is Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test that evaluates the reasoning skills, technical skills, and aptitude of students and new graduates from a job perspective.

The AMCAT Examination is best suited for students who couldn’t score well in college exams or do not hail from A-List colleges or universities.

With AMCAT, the students can look at the bigger and brighter side of employment in India.

Not just that, AMCAT Exam is equally beneficial for those 700 companies like TATA Motors, Axis Bank and Snapdeal that do not judge a candidate on the basis of their academic reports and course certificates. So, given the relevance of a good score in AMCAT Exam for a fresher, it’s important to prepare for AMCAT in the right manner.

We always get asked about the right sources, websites, books, and newspapers that one should refer to while preparing for AMCAT exam. Honestly, there isn’t a right or wrong way for AMCAT preparation, but there is certainly a smart and shorter way to ensure good scores.


The AMCAT Exam is a platform where job seekers and recruiters come together in hope of finding their right match. The AMCAT Examination score opens up various job avenues for students who didn’t perform in college examinations or didn’t find a seat in the top colleges of the country.

The AMCAT ranks students on the basis of their scores which are thereafter shared with the recruiters. So, better the score; more the number of opportunities for the candidate.

In order to prepare for AMCAT, you must be well aware of the kind of questions asked, the marking scheme, duration and especially study material required to score well.

To begin with, you must know that AMCAT is an adaptive examination which means the questions are adjusted according to the answer to the previous question. With every right answer, the difficulty level of the next questions increases and vice versa.

So you need to have a workable strategy in place to score well. The AMCAT Exam consists of four modules:

English Comprehension: This section tests the English communication, comprehension and writing skills of the candidate. This module is valued for 900 marks.

Quantitative Ability: This module is created to test the mathematical capability of the students. The section is tailored to suit both, students with technical as well non-technical background.

Logical Reasoning: The most interesting section of the AMCAT Exam tests the candidate’s logical reasoning ability. It deciphers your ability to spot trends, makes generalizations and derive right conclusions through logic.

Optional (For graduates, engineers or MBA): This module includes topics such as finance, accounting, HR, pharmacy, IT, chemistry mechanical engineering, electronics and communication and marketing etc.

PrepAMCAT: The Best Tool for AMCAT Preparation

The best way to prepare for AMCAT exam is to make use of PrepAMCAT: The best tool for AMCAT preparation. It is an adaptive test that works on the same module as the AMCAT exam. This mock AMCAT exam tool gives you full experience of the real exam as many times as you want before appearing for the real AMCAT exam. The question asked are based on the same four modules which have to be attempted in 3 hours of time. The only difference between the AMCAT Exam and PrepAMCAT exam is that your scores are private for your reference only. They aren’t revealed to the public. A detailed exam score sheet is prepared after 2 hours of finishing the exam. This helps students is analyzing their strong and weak areas which, if mended, can majorly elevate the AMCAT exam scores.

So, prepare for AMCAT with PrepAMCAT to inch closer to your dream job. Tell the world, that you are no less than anyone!