How To Best Measure Your AMCAT Preparation Before Giving The Exam

How To Best Measure Your AMCAT Preparation Before Giving The Exam


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The AMCAT Exam is a challenging exam and deserves a thorough preparation to get a good score. Our blog has a lot of advice about how to crack the AMCAT test, how to kickstart your AMCAT preparation and how the exam will help you find fresher jobs. If you are serious about the exam, then you will no doubt cover all the steps of preparation.

The question, however, remains that how do you know for sure that you are on the right track and how well the exam preparation is going on?

You need to get a preparation assessment done and check how well your preparation for the AMCAT exam is going on. We have made a checklist that will help you evaluate your AMCAT preparation.



1. Have you checked out the AMCAT Syllabus?

The AMCAT exam is an adaptive test, and some students are often under the impression that it is like any other aptitude test and you won’t need to do much AMCAT preparation.

But, the AMCAT is more comprehensive and needs extensive planning. The AMCAT test has four compulsory sections – English, Quantitative Ability, Logical Ability, and AMPI (Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory test)

Depending on your specialization you will choose the right module. You can find the entire amcat syllabus outline here. The questions on the AMCAT exam will be on these topics and its best to cover these for your AMCAT preparation before moving on to other topics.


2. Have you seen the sample papers?

An integral part of any exam preparation is solving the sample papers. We have many sample papers from the previous years listed here. The sample papers will become an important part of your AMCAT preparation, and it is suggested that you solve the sample papers every week to ensure you are preparing well and on track with the AMCAT preparation.


3. Have you taken the PrepAMCAT?

Nothing beats the actual event like a simulation. Even professionals learn to fly in simulation first and then in real life!

The PrepAMCAT is a tool by AMCAT that simulates the AMCAT exam. It is an exam prepared by the experts who set the AMCAT test and is of the same difficulty level. The Mock AMCAT test of three hours is the closest you can get to taking the AMCAT itself!

Once you finish the exam, you will get detailed scores of your performance in the exam. This is crucial and will help you get comfortable with the paper format and will aid your AMCAT preparation.

You must take the exam within a month of your preparation so that once you get the results, you can concentrate on the sections where you are weak.


4. Are you adding more value to your AMCAT preparation?

The AMCAT Exam is the biggest challenge, and once you are done, you are eligible for hundreds of jobs. But, the AMCAT Exam is only the first step, you will need to be prepared in other aspects to impress prospective interviewers.

You can take the AMCAT Premium package that includes the PrepAMCAT, Resume Buddy and Mock AI for complete job preparation. By taking up the package, you can simultaneously work on all the aspects that will help you get a job.



Ask yourself all these questions at every stage of the AMCAT preparation to ensure that you are ready to face the challenge of the AMCAT test.

Do you have any further queries about preparation assessment? Write in your query in the comment below, and we will answer it.

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