Why You Should Book AMCAT PRO And Not AMCAT

Why You Should Book AMCAT PRO And Not AMCAT

Avail the AMCAT PRO guarantee
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As a fresher, finding a good job can be an uphill task. The market is rife with competition and, you need something extra to stand out from the crowd. AMCAT PRO provides you with just that.

AMCAT PRO is a new interview assurance program by AMCAT. It comes with a minimum three interviews guarantee basis your AMCAT score. It is a newer, better version of the regular AMCAT.

Introducing the AMCAT PRO assurance

AMCAT PRO: The Interview Assurance Program assures you a minimum of three interviews within three months of you taking the AMCAT exam. And, in case you don’t get the promised number of interview offers basis your AMCAT PRO score, then you will get your money back.

Under AMCAT PRO, there are three memberships; Gold, Silver and Bronze. To qualify for each of these memberships, you need to score certain marks in each of the modules, both compulsory and otherwise.

Basis the membership for which you qualify, you will receive interview offers of 5 LPA+.

AMCAT score Vs membership qualification
AMCAT PRO score Vs membership qualification

Note:- Even if you score 600+ marks in 2 out of 3 modules and 400 marks in one module, then you will qualify for Bronze membership.

Why should you book AMCAT PRO and not AMCAT

As explained above, AMCAT PRO is an interview assurance program that brings you opportunities basis your AMCAT score. Our algorithm scans and curates the best opportunities for you and brings them to you, while you prepare for the next step of the job search process, i.e. the interview.

However, you don’t get any similar assurance of smart use of AI with AMCAT. While AMCAT is a great platform for you to apply for jobs, connect with recruiters and search for opportunities, AMCAT PRO goes a step ahead and comes with all these facilities and more.

So, if you are getting interview assurance, jobs curated for you, a chance to connect with recruiters and so much more for just Rs 1200, then why not go for it?!

What if you don’t get the assured interviews

AMCAT PRO will handpick the best opportunities for you basis your AMCAT score. That means you can focus on getting a good AMCAT score and preparing for the upcoming interviews while we take care of the rest.

However, in case AMCAT PRO is unable to deliver on its minimum of three interviews in three months assurance, then you will get your money back accordingly.

  • If you receive no interview offers, you will get Rs 1200+GST money back
  • If you receive only one interview offer, you will get Rs 800+GST of your money back
  • If you receive two interview offers, you will get Rs 400+GST of your money back

AMCAT PRO is very sincere about ensuring that you win in every situation.


If you are sincere about your future prospects and want the best opportunities, then AMCAT PRO is your answer. It comes with an assurance of minimum three interviews in three months basis your AMCAT score or a moneyback guarantee in case you don’t get the opportunities.

In short, AMCAT PRO is the ultimate job search answer that you had been looking for – curates the best opportunities for you and keep you up to date with the latest job options for one year since giving the test.

What’s there to lose?!