Is Your AMCAT PRO Score Valid For AMCAT?

Is Your AMCAT PRO Score Valid For AMCAT?

AMCAT PRO score validity
AMCAT PRO score validity

AMCAT PRO is a new offering by AMCAT that comes with a unique interview guarantee. With AMCAT PRO, we will provide you with a minimum of three interviews within three months of giving the exam or you will get your money back.

AMCAT PRO is a smart assessment test that carries all the values and benefits of AMCAT PRO and more. But does that mean that AMCAT PRO and AMCAT are the same? And is your AMCAT PRO score valid for AMCAT and vice-versa?

Is your AMCAT PRO score valid for AMCAT?

AMCAT and AMCAT PRO are two very different products since once comes with a minimum three interviews guarantee and one without it. With AMCAT PRO, we search for relevant opportunities for you, basis your score, and send them to you.

However, though they are different, the AMCAT PRO exam and the AMCAT exam are exactly the same. That is, the questions being asked, the exam pattern, syllabus, marking, everything is the same.

And, since AMCAT PRO is an extension of the regular AMCAT, your AMCAT PRO score will also be valid for AMCAT. You can enjoy the minimum three interviews benefits, failing which you will get all your money back. Additionally, you can search and apply for jobs on the AMCAT jobs’ portal all year round.

In conclusion, your AMCAT PRO score is valid for AMCAT. And, though the interview guarantee is for a three month period, your score will be valid for a year.

Is your AMCAT score valid for AMCAT PRO?

No, it is not!

If you give the AMCAT exam, then your AMCAT score will only be valid for all the benefits that you can avail through AMCAT. If you want to enjoy the guarantee of AMCAT PRO, then you need to book and give the AMCAT PRO exam for it. You can also upgrade to AMCAT PRO on our booking page.

While AMCAT is valid for candidates from every batch, as long as they have a valid degree or are in the final year of college, AMCAT PRO (so far) is only valid for 2019 batch pass outs who hold a full-time degree approved or recognised by AICTE/UGC.

You can read more about the AMCAT PRO exam eligibility criteria in this blog –Who Can Give AMCAT PRO? What Is The Eligibility Criteria?


Your AMCAT PRO score is valid for AMCAT but your AMCAT score is not valid for AMCAT PRO. And, though AMCAT PRO and AMCAT are two very different products, their examination is the same.