What Is AMCAT Premium? Is It Compulsory If You Choose AMCAT?

What Is AMCAT Premium? Is It Compulsory If You Choose AMCAT?

amcat premium
Stop struggling in your job search, opt for AMCAT premium

In order to start your career with the best exclusive job opportunity, you need to get a good AMCAT score, create a perfect professional job resume and clear the interview round. All these hurdles are not easy to cross and to make it easier for you to successfully overcome these difficulties, you need AMCAT premium.

We have created this blog to help you understand how AMCAT premium works and whether it’s compulsory to opt for AMCAT premium to get the best job opportunities.

What Is AMCAT Premium?

It is a 3-in-one solution which consists of PrepAMCAT, Resume Buddy and Mock-AI. All these tools will help you get closer to your dream job by helping you at every step of the way.

PrepAMCAT is the ‘official AMCAT’ preparation test which will help you judge your readiness for the actual AMCAT exam. You will solve the actual questions from the previous AMCAT exam while staying safe at home which will help you get a solid AMCAT score.

Resume Buddy will help you create a perfect professional job resume with the help of its AI recommended vocabulary and more than 35 resume template to choose from. You will also get a list of questions that the recruiter might ask you based on your resume.

Mock-AI will evaluate your interviewing skills using the latest ML and AI technology. Answer common and technical interview questions and get a detailed feedback report on your skills. Moreover, you will get personalised tips and resources to help you improve your interviewing skills.

Is AMCAT Premium Compulsory If You Opted For AMCAT?

No, you don’t need to opt for it. In fact, you don’t need it to get access to exclusive job opportunities. However, AMCAT Premium can help you turn your interview calls into offer letters.

Through your AMCAT score, you can apply for job opportunities on the AMCAT job portal. But to score the job offer, you need to create an outstanding job resume and work on your interviewing skills. With AMCAT Premium you can do all this with professional help which will increase your chances of getting the job of your dreams.


AMCAT Premium is not a necessity but it can surely help you take your job search to new heights by giving it the power of AI and ML. So, you should consider giving your job search a premium edge.