How Is AMCAT PRO Better Than The Regular AMCAT?

How Is AMCAT PRO Better Than The Regular AMCAT?

AMCAT PRO - your interview assurance program
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AMCAT is the Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test that connects job seekers to recruiters. However, while AMCAT does work wonders for our candidates (read the testimonials) it doesn’t come with an interview assurance basis your AMCAT score like AMCAT PRO does.

AMCAT PRO: The Interview Assurance Program by AMCAT is a one-of-its-kind program that makes sure that you win in every way. And, it comes with benefits over the regular AMCAT.

How is AMCAT PRO better than AMCAT

AMCAT PRO guarantees a minimum of three interviews within three months of you giving the AMCAT exam. These interview offers will depend on your AMCAT score.

Our team of dedicated professionals take your AMCAT PRO score across different modules in consideration to find the most relevant opportunities for you across the country. So, with AMCAT PRO, you can expect only the best and nothing less.

Also, if we fail to deliver on our assurance of minimum three job interviews within three months, then you will get your money back.

On the other hand, while AMCAT does connect job seekers and recruiters under one broad umbrella, it does little to guarantee interview offers. With AMCAT, you will have to work hard to go through the numerous opportunities available on the AMCAT portal and apply to the best ones.

Whereas with AMCAT PRO we work hard to bring to you the best possible opportunities basis your score while you concentrate on preparing yourself to further your career. We take your job search worries away and replace them with interviews guarantee.

AMCAT PRO score breakup

Since all the benefits of AMCAT PRO are based on your scores, you need to ensure that your AMCAT scores are up to the mark. So, have a look at what is the AMCAT PRO score breakup and the marks you need to qualify.

Once you give the AMCAT exam and your scores are generated we qualify you under different memberships (as shown below) basis your score.

AMCAT score required for AMCAT PRO

Keep in mind that if you get 600 marks in some of the modules but 400 in any one of the modules, then you will qualify for Bronze membership.

Similarly, if you score less than 400 in any of the modules then you will not be eligible for the AMCAT PRO assurance. So, prepare well, work hard and ensure you are scoring well in the exam. It is easy to score 400+ marks in the AMCAT PRO exam with 68% candidates doing so.

Wondering if the AMCAT PRO exam is tougher than the regular AMCAT exam? Read this article to understand it better. 

Should you opt for AMCAT PRO

AMCAT PRO is a very unique product by AMCAT that gives you the assurance of a minimum three interviews within three months of your giving the AMCAT exam. When looking for a job, your focus needs to be on the best jobs available and AMCAT PRO brings you just that.

It curates the best opportunities and interview offers (basis your AMCAT score) and sends them to you. So, you just need to concentrate on getting a good score in the AMCAT exam and start preparing for the upcoming opportunities while AMCAT PRO will take care of everything else.


AMCAT PRO is a new product from AMCAT that assures you minimum three interviews within three months of giving the AMCAT exam or you will get your money back. It takes your AMCAT score and interest into consideration while curating the best opportunities for you.

So, opt for AMCAT PRO right away to give your career the push and assurance that it needs.