Covid-19’s Impact On Employment

Covid-19’s Impact On Employment


They have been more likely to lose their jobs as a result of COVID-19 disruption. Young people's education and training have been disrupted.

We all very well know that the pandemic affected more young people than adults, with the effects being felt more acutely in lower-income countries. The number of working hours lost as a result of COVID-19 is equal to dozens of million full-time jobs lost over the world.

Although the pandemic led to rising of youth unemployment, there have been a number of individual events that have resulted in people losing their jobs. For example, the lockdowns resulted in the industry- and sector-wide closures.  Others who worked in less well-paying jobs may have discovered that their options for earning money had dried up. Many young people’s education and training have been disrupted, leaving them economically inactive in some or the other circumstances.

Let us talk about some of the solutions that can help to curb unemployment caused post-COVID.

Defending the rights of employees

It will be important to ensure that young people, in particular, believe they have a voice at work. For that purpose, collective bargaining, freedom of association, social discussion, and social partnership policies should all involve them.

Retention of education and training

Encourage more and more young people to study and train in order to bridge any skills gaps that may have occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Programs for re-entry

Young individuals who have lost their jobs should be helped through employment services, entrepreneurship programmes, and programmes aimed at their entry or re-entry into the job market.

Organizations must support and help employees or anyone who is in need of a job or has lost their job due to the pandemic. We all know, that it has immensely impacted everything be it anything. Let’s support and motivate each other for a better tomorrow.

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