Fresher Jobs: What does a Legal Associate do?

Fresher Jobs: What does a Legal Associate do?

Let's explore what is the role of a legal associate in legal services. Let's see what career opportunities one has in the most sorted fresher jobs. Read to know more.

Legal Associate
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 Legal Associate
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So, do solving squabbles, feuds and conflicts excite you? Be it personal or commercial. Does saying Milord (M’lud) make your day? Is a black robe something that you cherish? Then Legal Associate is what you should become.

Legal Associate is one of the most preferred fresher jobs. A legal associate is a person who is involved in understanding the client’s legal requirements and deriving solutions. Legal associates aspire to become an attorney by assisting the attorney. This is an entry level position which gives a ground to understand the intricacies involved in the legal proceedings, how to handle the clients, how to conduct research and make presentations in the court that will be in the best interest of the client.

The Job Role and Responsibilities

Fresher Jobs
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The primary job roles and responsibilities of a legal associate as one of the fresher jobs include:

  •  Take an active part in the meetings of the clients and try to understand the issues and come up with a possible way of action to deal the case
  • Preparing for the trials, hearings and participates in the legal proceedings to gain experience
  • Studying and identifying the laws that are applicable to the case
  • Conduct a thorough research and assists in gathering all the data and information that is relevant to the case that will be of great help while presenting the evidence during the court sessions
  • Assist the attorney in the preparation and drafting of various legal arguments, drafts, and other relevant legal material and reports
  • Handle all the administration part of maintaining, updating and keeping a track of the important legal documents covering a wide range of clients so that it is made available to the attorneys whenever there is a requirement

Competencies and Skills Required

Understanding and familiarity with the legal services industry are key skills for this profile. An analytical bent of mind with critical reasoning ability and very good attention to detail is needed.

The major skills and competencies required for this role include:

  • Demonstrate exceptional organisational and time management skills
  • Have a keen eye for detail coupled with good researching ability
  • Possess a thorough knowledge of the legal procedures and should keep himself updated with the current developments
  • Proficiency in computers and ability to maintain, update and modify the documents needed during the presentations in the court
  • Persuasive communication skills that will help in building trust and broadening the client base
  • Excellent critical and legal reasoning skills
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Excellent legal English (or regional linguistic) skills
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Educational Requirements

An associate degree in paralegals or a bachelor’s degree with additional certification in paralegal studies will be sufficient to make an entry. Even those with a bachelor’s degree combined with a course in paralegal training can get the job.

Career Prospects

The job prospects are really bright, the opportunities are ample but there is severe competition. However, to survive this competition, you must have an excellent academic background combined with relevant work experience. Therefore, an associate attorney’s responsibilities need to be shouldered with utmost efficiency so as to get promoted to higher positions.

Work Hours

The work hours fall in the range of forty to forty-five hours per week. However, associates working in the law firms may need to work for long hours as they need to work under pressure and meet the deadlines. They may require occasional travelling to meet the clients for discussion.

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