Fresher Jobs: 7 Hot Job Profiles That Barely Existed 10 Years Ago

Fresher Jobs: 7 Hot Job Profiles That Barely Existed 10 Years Ago

Here is the list of new Fresher Jobs available for you to try your hands on! These 7 job roles barely existed 10 years ago.

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There are plenty of opportunities for all of us, they say. With evolving times and altering economy, job roles have seen a huge amount of remodelling. Some fresher jobs saw extensive growth and some don’t even exist anymore. Technology and its impacts drove these modifications in the job world. Below are the 7 hot fresher jobs that didn’t even exist 10 years ago.

The 10-Year-Old Fresher Jobs

After examining a million LinkedIn profiles, it was clear that there are a few fresher jobs which are barely 10 years old. Nowadays, more and more people are becoming tech-savvy and aware about fitness, the survey shows a hike in job roles related to these 2 domains, particularly.

1. The iOS Developer

142X growth in 5 years

Apple Inc launched the first iPhone in the year 2008. Today, we have millions of fans/users drooling over the launch of iPhone 8. It is no biggie that this multi-million dollar company created fresher jobs for the GenY.

2. The Android Developer

199X growth in 5 years

Android is competing for neck-to-neck with iOS and the world needs as many Android Developers as iOS Developers.

3. The Zumba Instructor

396X growth in 5 years

People were always looking for ways to get thin/ build muscle/ fit. It is in the late 2000s when Zumba caught people’s attention. Since then every gym has a Zumba class and a Zumba instructor. In 2017, you can also hire a personal Zumba instructor!

4. The Social Media Guy

174X growth in 5 years

With the invent of smartphones, the world crumbled down into nothing but a tightly packed digital arena. Since then, we all have an online access to everything; including people. Whatever you see on the much-celebrated Facebook pages of restaurants, celebrities are nothing but the brilliance of a social media person.

5. The Data Scientist

30X growth in 5 years

Since the days all of us and everything about us became data-driven, Data Science has had its share of appreciation. This new and lucrative domain has plenty of rewarding fresher jobs.

6. The UI/UX Designer

If in this digital era, you have a knack for digital products and a desire to work in tech, donning the role of a UI/ UX designer is what you should be doing. This is what created UI/UX designer as one of the sought after fresher jobs.

Which role are you seeking for a successful career? Tell us your views in the comments. For more updates on fresher jobs, success tips and placement advice, stay tuned to our blog.