10 Highest Paid Jobs for Engineering Diploma Students

10 Highest Paid Jobs for Engineering Diploma Students

Few know about diploma jobs in India, even if it's just for opportunities for engineering diploma students. Here are 10 of the highest paid jobs for them.

10 highest paying jobs for engineering diploma students. (Image: Sheridan College)
10 highest paying jobs for engineering diploma students. (Image: Sheridan College)

Engineering surely is one of the most sought of career choice for a significant number of youths in the country. But the field isn’t just about four-year graduates, looking for fresher jobs. There are thousands of students looking for diploma jobs in India but somehow finding themselves lost in the process. We explored the field and are here with the top 10 jobs for engineering diploma students in India! Let’s have a look at them.

Even though there are lots options available for fresher degrees in engineering diploma, many fresher aspirants find themselves at loss to find a job that matches their calibre and hard work they have put in throughout the years. It’s mostly because of the misconception that all good engineering jobs are bagged by four-year graduates in the field. We explored about the same and found that there are ample blue collar jobs after diploma that engineering students can apply for.

Top 10 jobs for Engineering Diploma students:

1. Mechanical Engineer:

Having a diploma in mechanical engineering might not be attracting jobs as well paying as a four-year course, but in its own niche, it’s one of the highest paying jobs in India.

A fresher aspirant with mechanical engineering can get a salary up to Rs 6 lakh per annum, based on their core skills, grades and the institution from where the students have passed out.

2. Mechanical Design Engineer:

A Mechanical design engineer is slightly different from the mechanical engineer, as design engineers are mostly required to plan the design before the engineers get into building the real product.

Mechanical design engineers are mostly required in automobile sector – coming in after the automobile scientists are done with research and development and blueprints for the how the cars /vehicles would actually look like. Though the salary may not be very lucrative at the beginning of the career, a few years of experience can bring you up to Rs 6 lakh per annum.

3. Piping Designer:

A piping designer earns approximately Rs 5 lakh per year but that mostly depends on the skills that the employer is looking for. This individual ensures good, efficient solutions to transport fluid in different industries. One can also look for short-term individual projects often offered by big companies.

4. Electrical Design Engineer:

A electrical engineer earns about Rs 4 lakh per annum, but the pay scale highly depends on the experience gained in ones’ field. So after a few years, you can get really attractive salary packages. The skills mostly looked for are ETAP and AutoCAD.

5. Assistant Engineer, State Govt:

The state governments of different states have projects going on any particular time for which vacancies are provided on government sites. You might need to appear for an examination to get the job. Some of them might require an experience of a few years, but the salary is rewarding along with other incentives of bagging a govt. job.

6. Security/Support Staff at airports:

Before the take off of any flights, the machinery and technical check is done by security staff at airport. The job comes under Airport Authority of India and pays best in the industry. Diploma in Aeronautical engineering is preferred for the job, but anyone with a diploma in engineering can apply. Give the forecasted growth in the aviation industry, there are going to be more jobs for security staff at airports.

7. Project Managers:

While most of the big budget and high-risk engineering jobs are offered to four-year graduates, these projects have project managers for which Diploma candidates are preferred more than fresher aspirants from other fields of study.

8. Lab Assistants:

Aspirants with a diploma in chemical engineering can apply for the job of Lab assistants in big pharmacy labs of the country. The medical industry is growing and the labs in the country are progressing at a rapid rate. Bagging a job in one of the big pharmaceutical companies in the country can land you with a well-paid salary structure.

9. Construction Jobs:

The phase through which the country is going, there is a lot of infrastructural development going on. You can either directly apply for govt. jobs in the sector for which time to time vacancies come up or go for a blue-collar job in the private construction companies.

Experience in this field can lead to further growth in your position.

10. IT Jobs:

Last in the list, but for computer-aided diplomas, the IT industry has the most number of IT jobs for diploma pass outs. It is also one of the best jobs for diploma holders as it helps them explore a lot of options in the field. The salary might be a bit below your expectations, but hard work, dedication, and a few years in the industry can earn you a good reputation along with a good position and salary package.

So, we hope the post put your spirits a little high? Even though you might not get the job of your dreams at the beginning of your career, start with a good profile and with the dedication you put into your job, you can reach heights within a few years, because, experience matters much more in the job industry than you can fathom!


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