Tricky Job Interview Questions? Know How To Answer Them

Tricky Job Interview Questions? Know How To Answer Them

Talking about your weaknesses to convincing the interviewer why they should hire you. Find the answer to tricky job interview questions here.

Tricky job interview questions and how to handle them.
Tricky job interview questions and how to handle them.

Are you tired of dodging all the tricky job interview questions thrown your way? Did you nod yes? Then here are some crazy job interview questions and some interview tips on how to handle them.

Tell us about your weaknesses

Job interviews are supposed to be highlighting your strengths and downplay your weaknesses. So, how do you answer when someone asks you to talk about your weaknesses? Do you really talk about it and give the interviewer a chance to REJECT you? Or do you lie that you have no weaknesses?

Now telling a flat lie like you have no weaknesses can paint you in the worst light possible. The interviewer knows that you cannot escape the human error of being imperfect in parts. However, the key lies in how you portray those weaknesses. So, pick up neutral responses, like “I chew with my mouth open.”

Now that is a response that cannot hurt your chances of landing the job, is actually a weakness and is unique and original. You can come up with something similar when faced with the question where you need to talk about your weaknesses.

Why should we hire you

“Why should we hire you” is a classical HR interview question and one that you should be prepared with even before you sit for the job interview. However, do keep it in mind that the answer to this question might vary a little according to the position you are applying for.

When faced with this question, channel your confidence, sit up straight, look the interviewer in the eye, talk about your achievements that stand in sync with the profile and tell them how you can be an important asset to the company.

Your achievements don’t have to be restricted to academics, talk about sports, or any other extracurricular activity you can think of that can tell the employer that you are a smart, confident person who knows how to approach problems with a positive mindset.

Why did you quit your last job

Pretty simple on the surface but know that the interviewer will be judging you and looking very closely at how you answer this question. So, weigh your words before you tell them how you were paid less in your last job or how the job didn’t excite you anymore.

Of course, the right approach would be to be upfront and honest and surprise the interviewer with the truth. However, being honest does not mean you have to be bitchy about your last organization. If you had a problem with how much you were being paid then say how you thought you were doing more work, talk about all the work you did and how the salary and the amount of work you contributed did not match. Similarly, if you had issues with the organisation or thought you had no opportunity to grow then tell them how you are seeking for something more and that the company you are interviewing for can provide you with that.

Have you got any questions for us

It has become almost a common practice for interviewers to ask this during a job interview. While you might walk in the interview hall with the impression that the interviewer has to do all the asking, that is not the case. You should ask questions too and try to turn the interview into a conversation. Ask the interviewer how the company can help you realise your dreams or talk about the team you will get to work in.

Show curiosity to assure the interviewer that you want the job and are not just playing around. Do some research on the organization you will sit for and ask questions that show that you have done your homework, thus making you stand out in the eyes of the interviewer.

And, if you are still confused, if you think your answers are not right, your body language is weighing you down, then tune in to Mock-AI, an interview assessment tool and polish you interview giving skills and go out and grab the IT job or the fresher jobs or any job that you want.