AMCAT Preparation | AMCAT Exam Preparation In a Week

AMCAT Preparation | AMCAT Exam Preparation In a Week

AMCAT preparation

AMCAT preparationWe get a lot of queries from people asking if they can prepare for the AMCAT exam in a week. Or ‘how much time does it take to prepare for the AMCAT exam?’ However, there is no fixed time that you need to prepare for the AMCAT exam. How much time you need to spend on it depends on your knowledge of the subject and your prior preparation.

And, keeping all this mind, we will take a look at how much time you need to prepare for the AMCAT exam and if you can actually prepare for it in a week.

AMCAT preparation – how much time does it take?

Your AMCAT preparation time might not be the same as the next person. You might have to devote more time or less time, depending on where you are on the syllabus. If you go through the AMCAT syllabus, you will realise that there are a few things which you already know very well and are sure about. However, there are few other topics on which you might have to spend some more time.

So, how much time your AMCAT exam preparation will take will depend on how well you already know the syllabus. Apart from that, it will also be determined by how religiously and seriously you prepare for the whole thing.

To shorten the time you need to spend on AMCAT preparation, you can come up with a detailed timetable and follow it accordingly. This will help you keep a tab of your progress and encourage you to keep achieving your targets every day.

Can you prepare for the AMCAT exam in a week?

Well, keeping in mind the points we have mentioned above, we can say that yes, you can realistically prepare for AMCAT in a week. However, while you can prepare for AMCAT in a week, you would be really cutting it short and will have to come up with a detailed plan on how to approach the whole situation.

So, once you have a timetable in place, start working on the sample papers provided by AMCAT. Solving sample papers will allow you to employ the knowledge of the formulas in a more practical set up and also give you a chance to hone your skills.

Once you are a little surer of your AMCAT preparation, go for PrepAMCAT. PrepAMCAT is the ultimate AMCAT exam preparation tool that you would need to really excel in the exam. PrepAMCAT is very similar to the AMCAT exam in its execution of the questions and will give you a firsthand experience of what the test is all about. It will also introduce you to the kind of questions you can expect during the exam and its detailed result will guide you on how to prepare better for the final test.

Of course, while practising is the key to prepare for the AMCAT exam in a week and excel at it, so is revising. You should revise the syllabus at least once before you sit for the final AMCAT exam to ensure that all your concepts are clear and you are not missing out on anything.


Here was our take on whether or not you can prepare for AMCAT in a week. So, in case you are planning to wrap up your AMCAT exam quickly and start applying for the amazing job options available on the AMCAT jobs portal, you might want to follow our AMCAT preparation tips and get ready for the exam in a week.


  1. One of my friend got 87% in amcat!! But still she is not getting a call from amcat and I am hopefully applied for amcat exam!! Is that amcat work for my carrier if I get more than 80 percentile?