Things to include in a resume to convince the recruiter on your...

Things to include in a resume to convince the recruiter on your candidature

things to include in a resume

things to include in a resume


Research says that you get less than 8 seconds to impress the recruiter with your job resume. Reassuring yeah? You spent all those sleepless nights thinking about all the things to include in a resume, the formatting, the language and, the length.

Now, you see, all that hard work was actually catering your cause for 8.8 seconds of the recruiter’s attention. And, in the end, it all boils down to one thing; whether or not you’re able to sell yourself to the hiring manager.

The competition is tough and recruiters are short on time. They are constantly looking out for elements that would help to weed out unimpressive resumes in a heartbeat. So, it is imperative for you to create a job resume which installs your candidature in the recruiter’s mind; swiftly.

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Here are things to include in a resume that’ll make your job resume stand out of the pile.


Things to include in your resume

Keywords and buzzwords

Most companies now use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to filter out the resumes in the initial stages of recruitment. It is almost impossible for hiring managers to read through each and every job resume; hence the need to rely on technology.

Now, in order to successfully pass through this stage you must include words and phrases like “accomplished,” “developed,” “managed,” and “team player” in the natural language of the document.

Look for these indicators in the job description itself. However, do not try to play the system by stuffing your resume with keywords.


Modern, professional format

Most resume building tips talk about ‘being creative’ while crafting a resume. But there’s a thin line between being creative and cartoonish. If you’re creating a resume for the first time, you should seek professional help in order to know about things to include in a resume.

You can try the latest resume building tool – Resume Buddy to create an impressive resume. It comes with 25+ professional resume formats/templates, words/phrases recommendation and various professional levels for all. The idea is to make your job resume as neat, clean and, concise so that it is pleasing to the eyes too.


Impactful header

This is not one of those usual things to include in a resume. A hard-hitting resume header which defines who you really are will hopefully get your resume noticed. It’s basically a branding statement that proves how you are the ideal candidate for the job position in question. Think of it as your very own billboard. However, while formulating this header keep in mind the job role you’re applying for.


Summary section

Do away with the copy-pasted career objective because, honestly, no recruiter really cares. Instead, use the summary section to bring out your best potential in the job resume.

The summary section sits right in the front and top of the document. Do not waste this holy space by calling yourself ‘a great communicator’, ‘creative’ and ‘results-driven’ because this is what time will tell; not words.

Talk about your achievements, top companies you’ve worked for, accolades received and anything that supports your case. Be very careful with the choice of words as it will largely impact your image in the interviewer’s mind before you meet them.


How you impact

Your previous job responsibilities should not be in the things to include in your resume. Almost waste no time in writing your responsibilities in previous job roles, instead talk about how your role impacted the success of the organization or project.

For instance – Let’s say you calculated social media results of a year-long campaign for a brand throughout your tenure. You do not want to bore the recruiter with this story. Instead, tell them how and by using what tools you successfully calculated the social ROI of a campaign in 2 weeks. Things like cold numbers and results will urge the hiring manager to call you for an interview.




Building a resume may be easy and quick, but drafting a professional resume takes time. You will err way too many times before you finally get the most desirable version of your job resume.

Keep updating the things to include in a resume as per the trends and stay ahead of the curve. For professional assistance in resume building, you have Resume Buddy at the click of a mouse button. Try for yourself today!

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