Software Developer Resume- Writing tips and guide

Software Developer Resume- Writing tips and guide


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The secret of creating a great software developer resume is to keep it simple and keep it technical. Your resume is likely to be read by an HR professional first, which is why it’s necessary to keep it simple. Next, it will be screened by a manager with a software development experience and hence it needs to be technical to impress them.

We have a basic guide here for writing an impressive software developer resume. You can follow the resume tips and create one for yourself. However, a better way to start your resume writing would be to use a tool like Resume Buddy.

Resume Buddy has over 25 resume templates including those exclusive for fresher graduates and those suitable for a software developer resume. It will help you start off with an easy-to-use template so you don’t have to bother spending time choosing the right font, color, or placement of paragraphs.

Here is the list of resume writing tips for a software developer resume –

 Showcase your skills on top of the resume

The resume headline is one of the first things that should come on the software developer resume and a close next comes the list of skills. You need to put up the skills in bullet points on top of your resume so that the recruiter can instantly know if you have the skills required for the job. You should add technical skills like C#, CSS, Linux, HTML 5, Java, Ruby on Rails, Outlook, SQL, etc. But you can also add skills like team management, crisis management etc., if that is critical to the job description.


Highlight keywords but don’t just use buzzwords

A software developer resume needs to be up to date, keeping in mind the latest happenings in the technology space. You also need to make sure you have all the keywords of the job description mention in the resume. However, some students have a tendency to mention trending buzzwords that they have no clue about! Remember that if selected, you will be asked on anything on your resume and it won’t look good if you are unable to answer questions.


Include the certifications

Certifications are critical to a software developer resume! Most employers complain that students are not updated with the latest technology and hence including this in your resume will set you apart from the competition. If you don’t have any certification then you can take up some AMCAT certifications such as;

  • Full Stack Developer (PHP)
  • Back End Developer (Java, Oracle, MySQL, and PHP) certifications.

Some other good-to-have certifications are;

  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • MSCD
  • Certified ScrumMaster(CSM)
  • A+ Certified



Showcase your projects online

A software developer resume needs to highlight the projects you have been a part of. These projects can be compulsory college projects or those you did personally for your learning, or even as a part of a side-gig or freelancing work. Make sure these projects are ones that you have worked on and can explain if needed; don’t just quote projects that your friends have done! You can also put these software projects on Github, StackOverflow, Powerpoint or Upwork and provide ready links to the recruiters.


Highlight your self-learning

Technology is such a field that you will be benefitted if you do a lot of self-study. This is partially also because a lot of college curriculum is not up to date and employers expect more. You can do this in multiple ways –

  • Mention courses you took like MOOC or Open courses on Coursera related to your field.
  • Mention the expert blogs, podcasts and, websites you follow. You might find common ground with the recruiter and you can discuss more things.
  • Mention about the extra-curricular that lead to learning. For instance, watching tech documentaries, reading books related to your field, etc. It will show that you are keen on the subject and give fodder for the interview.

Make sure you include all these resume tips in your software developer resume and you might just be called for a personal interview! For more resume writing tips and information on Resume Buddy follow our blog and ask us any questions in the comments below.