Why adding job skills to your resume important?

Why adding job skills to your resume important?


importance of job skills


What’s the best way to highlight your qualification for a job? By adding a job skills section in your resume. You may want to trim it out from the resume to keep it short but job skills section is not what you’d want to skip from your job resume.

Job skills section succinctly and briefly highlights your strengths and talents. It displays what you’re good at. It helps the HR see in less time that you are a qualified candidate and that you have the expertise to lead the position.

It displays what all software you know, what languages you speak, and what other skillset do you hold.

So, through this blog, we will try to explain why it is important to not only mention but highlight job skills in your resume.

Here are five top reasons :


  1. Briefly highlights your expertise

As mentioned earlier, the job skills section is a great way to highlight your expertise in software, languages, and other concerned areas of your profession. Hiring managers, these days do not read a resume but scan it. They hardly give more than 20 seconds to a resume. So, you only have a few seconds to tell your worth and job skills section is the apt way of doing it.


  1. Helps with the target keywords

As the hiring managers scan a resume in a few seconds, (s)he is not going over through each word. What the HR is doing really is scanning the resume for specific keywords related to the job. They want to see whether the candidate has prerequisite experience and skillset to get selected for the position or least be called for an interview.


  1. It tells that you’re qualified

One of the best resume tips is to clearly highlight that you’re a qualified candidate for the job. Writing down your experiences and achievements in few sentences takes a lot of time to read. A job skills section in limited numbers and bulleted points shouts that, “Hey! look I’m qualified.”


  1. Helps get noticed

A brief job skills section helps you get noticed easily. It attracts the attention of the HR professionals, makes them read, and understand your skillset. While the HR will be busy reading the detailed expertise of candidates, a compact job skills section will help them notice your resume and make a quick decision.


  1. Takes less space

Frankly, job skills section takes very less space. So, there’s no point in trimming it out from the resume. Make sure you write your skills in bullet points and never use large sentences. Segregate the skill section in smaller parts: Software, languages, tools etc.



A job skills section is a great way of highlighting that you’re a good and perfect candidate to be hired. You can use varied resume templates available on the internet. If that is not sufficient, try online tools such as Resume Buddy to make a professional resume within minutes.

Remember, your resume is the first thing that an HR looks at. Whatever you write and mention in the resume is all that you will be judged by. So, remain truthful and make sure all skills and overall resume information is legible and just not to grab the job.