Preparing For An Interview When You Are Short On Time

Preparing For An Interview When You Are Short On Time

Preparing for an interview
Are you worried about preparing for an interview on a short notice? We have a checklist for you to help you ace that interview!

Preparing for an interview can be a long process. You will have to work on your technical knowledge and improve your communication over an extended period.

But what happens when you get an interview call unexpectedly?

When you are planning for an interview two weeks later, but they want you to come in two days?


We have got the best hacks for you to prepare for an interview when you are short on time.


Plan your clothing for the interview

Dressing up well is an essential part of preparing for an interview, if you are already working, then you may have a set of formal clothes in place. But if you are sitting for job interviews as a fresher, then you certainly cannot go in your t-shirt. Don’t bother wasting time shopping, just iron out your existing clothes and spruce them up. Do this the first thing when you get to know of the interview.

Check on the interview venue and other information

Make sure you get all the information about your interview venue. If you miss out on the venue or timing, then all your interview preparation will go to waste! So cross check with the HR where and when you should come. Also, ask if it’s a walk-in or if any specific interviewers will take your interview.

Organize all your documents for the interview

Among the crucial interview tips for freshers is that you should remember to carry all your documents. Your college ID, address proof, academic marks sheets, extra-curricular certificates and any other relevant documents. You may need to carry copies so ensure you include it among the first things while preparing for an interview at last-minute. You don’t want to waste time on the morning of interview running from pillar to post to find a Xerox shop.

Research the company

Researching the information about the company is an integral part of preparing for an interview. While there are not many questions directly about the company in job interviews, you may be asked questions about –

  • Products of the company
  • Different verticals and function of the company
  • Any latest news or announcements the company has made

All these are important for interview preparation as these are directly related to your job and you if you end up getting selected for the position. Don’t spend more than 15-20 minutes on this search; write down notes if it helps you remember.

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Check on the job profile you applied

This is one of the most critical interview tips for freshers, confirm which job you applied for and go through the description properly! Often students just hit apply and then go to the interview and don’t even know the position that they applied. Don’t make that mistake and include at least 10 minutes time in preparing for the interview for this task.

Practice top interview questions

This is the part of preparing for an interview that you just cannot miss! You can probably mess up on the other points, but you cannot afford to miss this and do an excellent job at the interview. You need to brush up on your technical knowledge and prepare yourself for important top questions. A fantastic way of doing this in a couple of hours is to do a session with MockAI. This is a tool that will help you go through all the common answers and help you formulate the responses you will give to them. These questions will be behavioral and technical both, which will help you ace the job interview!

Write down questions to ask after the interview

One of the best interview tips for freshers is to ask questions after the interview to impress the job recruiter. Spend about 15 minutes for this task in preparing for an interview in the last minute, jot down questions related to your job or the happenings of the company or the product. Don’t ask them apparent questions, some samples are –

  • What kind of work will I be doing?
  • What are the skills you think will prove useful to me?
  • If I get selected what kind of skills would you want me to be prepared for before I join a job?

These points will no doubt impress the interview!

Get some sleep and be energized for D-Day 

You must think we are joking! You have an interview the next day; you might as well slog through the night preparing for an interview. But that won’t serve you well! You will be drowsy, feel sluggish and won’t be your best self for the interview making all the interview preparation go waste! Instead set the alarm and relax and try to sleep. Wake up the next day, get your breakfast and go out and win the day!

Feel confident about attending an interview even if it’s last minute? If you have any other tips for preparing for an interview when you are short on time, let us know in the comments below.