Why the first job interview is most crucial and how to prepare...

Why the first job interview is most crucial and how to prepare for it?


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The first job interview is like the first board exam of your life; you have to prepare the best you can and then hope all your preparation comes to use. And just like a board exam, you have to give it your best.

You can’t ignore it just because it’s your first job interview. Every job interview is an opportunity to start your career on a high note, and you need to give it your best.

Here is why, according to us, the first job interview is crucial and how you can prepare for it –

It makes or breaks your confidence

The first job interview is the first step towards your professional career. And when you go answer the questions well, you feel a sense of confidence that you have given it your best. You may or may not get the job, but at least you will be satisfied to have attempted it well.

But, if you make silly mistakes, lose your composure, and embarrass yourself then it will make you look timid. You will approach the next few interviews thinking you are not good enough!

What to do?

Most of the issues with confidence arise because of body language and communication skills. You are too tense to say the right thing, which is why a mock interview is the best way to combat this. You can use Mock AI to get detailed feedback on your body language, voice modulation, and communication skills.

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You will figure out how to behave in a professional environment

If you are sitting for campus placements, then you might not have this issue, but if you are sitting for off-campus placements, then your first job interview will be in the office. This will be your first experience of being in a professional environment, and this can be a challenge for you.

Even simple things like being in a silent, calm, AC and, posh office can be scary, as you come from noisy college classrooms.

What to do?

Ideally, there is no way to replicate the office environment, which is why the first job interview is crucial! But, if possible, you can ask a relative or a senior to take you to their office and show you around. This way you can get a feel of how big offices work! It’s all a matter of feeling comfortable in a new space.



It gives you a chance to make mistakes

The first job interview is an excellent opportunity to make mistakes! AND to learn from them! It’s like a real-life training program where you get the chance to experiment, fail and, learn so you don’t make mistakes the next time.

What to do?

Mistakes can only be prevented, and you can cover all the important bases, but some mistakes are bound to happen. When you get out of your first job interview, write down a list of all things you made a mistake on and ensure you don’t repeat them next time.

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You get to know what kind of questions will be asked

You can read hundreds of articles about frequently asked questions or common interview questions, but when you are in a stressful situation like your first job interview then all that advice goes for a toss! The first job interview gives you a real situation where all kinds of random questions are asked.

What to do?

You cannot prepare for the unique questions, but at least you can prepare for common questions, not by just reading but saying out loud! The Mock AI tool asks you questions in a simulation and records your answers and gives you feedback. You can watch yourself answer and find out what can be done better.



Gives you an opportunity to improve and figure out what kind of jobs you like

Not every first job interview becomes a success story! Most likely you will go on to have a number of job interviews before you succeed.

The key to success is to revise your interview preparation after every job interview and include all the things that you missed earlier. This way you will have a good idea of what to do better the next time you have an interview.

Also, when you attend your first job interview, you will get a feel if this is the kind of job you want. A job interview is also a chance to ask questions to the interviewer, and when you do that you can learn more about a job than a job description can help you with!



Sometimes the first job interview puts you across your dream job, and it leads to heartbreak if you don’t succeed. Pump up your interview preparation by signing up for Mock AI and taking a mock interview to ensure you prepare for the job interview well! And if you are looking for more first job tips then follow our blog here.