6 Interview mistakes that can cost you your job

6 Interview mistakes that can cost you your job

job interview mistakes

job interview mistakes


Did you get a call for an interview? Congrats! Nothing can be more exciting than joining your dream job. But, the first step is to crack the interview. This is the most crucial and hardest part to complete.

Your dream job is just a step away and if you mess up, it’s gone.

So, how do you prepare yourself for the big day? By understanding that there are few things (read: mistakes), you have to remember and not repeat.

Here are the interview mistakes that can cost you your job:

Not researching enough

One of the most common interview mistakes made by candidates is not researching enough about the company and job profile. Researching your job role, about the company’s services and products beforehand shows that you are really prepared and serious about the job.

Most of the recruiters complain that candidates come without any preparation and lack major excitement.

Interview preparation needs time. You do not have to become an expert but just gather enough information to add value to the interview and to show that you are interested in the job.


Not being on time

Just think about it. How would you feel if you are the hiring manager and a candidate is late for an interview? What kind of expression will that leave? This is one of the biggest interview mistakes you can ever commit.

Coming late shows that you are not taking this job seriously and do not respect other people’s time. It also makes you look unprofessional and not-so-enthusiastic about the job. Be on time, is the most given interview tip.


Talking clichés

“I’m a hard working person.”

“I’m passionate about this field.”

“I’m creative.”

So what?!

Everyone one of us is hard working, passionate, and creative. But, how does saying such clichés prove that?

Interview success depends on many parameters. One of them is showing individuality and uniqueness. Using cliché phrases like these does not differentiate you from others.

Say something different and answer questions like “Tell us about yourself” uniquely. The hiring manager will surely remember you for long.

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Being the jack-of-all-trades

Never ever try to be everything. Nothing upsets an employer more than the candidate’s unwillingness to be real. Yes, you need and want this job. But, for that, never lie or say yes for all things.

For example, if you are asked, “Do you know Java?”, and you actually don’t, make sure you answer only what you know.

A better response will be “I’m not really familiar with Java. But I love learning and I’m a quick learner, so I’m willing to learn and understand it.”


Trash talk your ex-employer

No matter how much you are upset with your previous employer or have left the job angrily, do not use harsh language for them.

Saying negatives things about people or companies make you look immature and childish. And, no one wants to hire a childish and immature candidate.

Be diplomatic and professional about the issues you have with others. This way, not only will you be able to communicate your side of the story but also look mature and professional.


Not Asking Questions

Obviously, it is your interview and you will be asked the questions. But, that does not mean you can’t reciprocate.

Not asking questions is another interview mistake which candidate’s commit.

At some point you’ll be asked in the interview “do you have any questions?” and you should always say yes! Always come prepared with a set of questions about the company and particularly about your role. It makes you look like a serious candidate who has come prepared for the interview.




It is easy to show up for an interview but difficult to actually prepare for it. Few silly interview mistakes can cost you your dream job. Hence, it is imperative that you try and not commit the above mistakes.

You can use tools like MockAI to practice for the interview and understand the nitty-gritty nuances. So that in the end you can give your best!