Grab the golden Opportunity! Register for the AM Data Bootcamp 2016

Grab the golden Opportunity! Register for the AM Data Bootcamp 2016


Machine learning is the science of learning to do tasks by observing examples. It is transforming the world by enabling machines do all sorts of ‘intelligent’ tasks such as understanding images, human speech, predicting preferences, diseases and many others.
Machine learning has the potential to change the world and make you see the world in a complete new way. We in India need to go after this opportunity. Specifically, you, the new age student, need to go after it big time and create an impact like never before.

With the guiding thought of making you all agents of scientific impact, we bring to you Aspiring Minds Data Bootcamp – a MOOC + data release + a “datathon”. We have created a hands-on introduction to ML to get you started with practical applications. We have also released a dataset which captures how engineers land a job. Get started right away and Grab this Golden opportunity.

The best performing teams will be invited to a day-long workshop where we’ll have speakers from MIT ( Dr. Una-May O’Reilly ) and other leading research labs walk you through some very cool techniques in machine learning.

Enroll now and we will see you in March to deep dive into Machine Learning!

Participants will be short-listed to attend the one-day workshop in New Delhi based on their assignments and submission to the Data Challenge.

How will I benefit by participating in this DATA Bootcamp?

  • Strengthen your machine learning knowledge.
  • Experience the thrill of participating in an online data challenge.
  • Get a chance to attend a workshop with the speakers from MIT and other leading research labs.
  • Work on the released dataset, based on the extensive research by our R&D teams.

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