Does Your Resume Work for You?

Does Your Resume Work for You?


If your resume is not working hard for you, there are several things that you may need to consider before you throw your hands up in frustration. You can have another person read your resume to see if there is something glaring that they notice (that maybe you did not).

Are you being specific in your resume? I recently reviewed a resume for a former student who had great content, displayed his relevant certifications well, but was very vague about which technologies he had used to perform tasks at his jobs. My advice to him was to “Be Specific” and this is something that you can easily do. Don’t make a Hiring Manager search through your resume to try to find which Operating Systems you know how to troubleshoot or deploy…make it easy and tell them what software/hardware/servers/networking protocols you have worked with and how you used them.

– Sarah Haydt, Director of Student Services at New Horizons CLC of Allentown, PA

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