8 Questions that you should ask an employee during exit interviews!

8 Questions that you should ask an employee during exit interviews!


Pic credit: www.everydayinterviewtips.comExit interviews provide you the opportunity to know what your employees really think of your business and processes. Getting the view points of the employees who are leaving can help you plan the retention strategies for future. Follow these 7 exit interview questions to make the most of your next exit interview.

  1. Why are you leaving the organization? The best question to begin with. This would help you to know the exact reason behind the employee’s decision of leaving the company. In most of the cases you will receive a basic answer like better pay, personal reasons or to seek more and better opportunities. But, there might be some cases where an employee might be leaving because he/she thinks that your company has dreadful structure and policies. This can be a matter of concern if a number of employees are leaving because of this reason.
  2. What do you think we could have done better? With this question, you would get information on how to improve things in your organization so that your employees remain happy, encouraged and it becomes a better place to work.
  3. Were you provided with all the necessary tools and support that was needed for your job role? Through this you will get to know on which platform do you need to increase your investment. It would also help you understand whether the team members and managers were cooperative and helpful.
  4. Were you comfortable in discussing your work related issues with your reporting manager? This would help in evaluating a manager’s capability to communicate and interact with his/her subordinates. Also, provide assistance in the development and improvement of the managerial skills of the manager. The response of a particular employee is not sufficient to question the manager’s abilities, in-case if a number of employees are facing the same issue then it is something that needs attention.
  5. What does your new job role offer that is not present in the current role? This would provide an insight on what your competitor is offering to attract talent. Also, you would know on which platform do you need to gear up: employee benefits, work hours flexibility, company culture or employee development skills.
  6. What do you think is the best and worst part of the company? This would help you understand what is it that the employees enjoy and like the most and what is it that they dislike. You can work on the later to improve growth, employee satisfaction and retention.
  7. Would you recommend this company to a friend? This question provides you an insight on what actually an employee thinks about your organization. If someone is not willing to recommend your company to a friend who is searching for jobs, then there is something wrong which needs immediate attention.
  8. Any additional comments, unresolved issues or anything on any aspect that you would like to say? Through this you will get to know all the positives and negatives about your company. You can work towards the negatives to decrease the attrition rate and make your organisation a place that your employees are proud of.

The answers from the exit interviews would help you figure out what strategies are working well and what needs to be changed. But, do not wait for the exit interview to get the feedback from the employees. In-order to increase growth and decrease the attrition rate you must have regular feedback sessions, surveys, team meetings, maybe team lunch or dinner- anything that makes the employees more comfortable to open up. Make the most out of the exit interviews and increase the overall growth of the company.