10 Quick Tips to make the Best Presentation ever

10 Quick Tips to make the Best Presentation ever

Know the 10 ways to make a killer presentation.

Powerful Presentation
How to give a powerful presentation?

You remember the presentations given by people like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Clinton, or maybe by your CEO. Why? What special did they do that you still have it in your memory? Whether you are a student, employee, entrepreneur of a small firm or CEO of an MNC the secrets to delivering a successful and powerful presentation remains same. To make your next presentation a hit, we bring to you some amazing presentation tips.

#Tip 1:

Come early, really early and monitor the room where you will be presenting. Know about the setup, make sure that you have checked all the devices that you will need during your presentation, check the temperature of the room, change the sitting arrangement if you feel like. In short, before your presentation examine whether everything is perfect to avoid any hindrance later.

#Tip 2:

Be engaging and entertaining. It certainly doesn’t mean that you start cracking jokes or dance during a serious presentation. The idea is to see that your audience is interested and engaged throughout. For this, you need to cut down the monotony. Pause at times, ask questions, maybe a short quiz or a small game in reference to your presentation, any activity or video – small tricks to make your presentation successful and engaging.

#Tip 3:

Do not read to the audience. They have books, reports, emails and documents for that. Audience engagement is the key to a successful presentation. The most common presentation mistake is that the presenters try to fill in every small detail in the slides and then read them to the audience. This is a big NO-NO. Use bullets and short text with pictures. Take the help of flowchart if you want. People present in the conference room want to hear from you about the work that you have done so talk to them and try to make it a platform where you can discuss with your audience.

#Tip 4:

Include video and multimedia content to improve audience engagement. There is a reason why people find you tube interesting and spend hours on it. Don’t you want to hook people and prevent them from falling asleep during your presentation? The best way is to use video and multimedia content in your presentation. The jobs today, whether it is IT jobs, marketing jobs, advertising jobs, banking jobs, MBA jobs, analyst jobs, KPO jobs or core engineering jobs, presentations with video and multimedia are given preference everywhere. Anyone would be more interested in watching a video rather than listening to a speaker reading his/her slides.

#Tip 5:

Watch your pace while you are delivering your presentation. Talking too fast gives an impression that you are nervous and inexperienced. While, talking too slow shows that you are not confident about yourself. Try to maintain a good pace that is neither too fast nor too slow and also pause at times.

#Tip 6:

Eye contact: Another important one. Just do not focus on the managers or the important ones in the room but try to maintain eye contact with everyone present in the room. Remember that your audience is not some selected few but all. So, give equal importance to everyone.

#Tip 7:

‘Practice makes a man perfect.’ Remember? So, before the big day, practice and practice. Maybe in front of a mirror, family or friends. It will help you to boost your confidence and will make your more competent.

#Tip 8:

Tell a story. Trust me, it always works. In your presentation try to tell the audience small and interesting stories or maybe examples from their everyday life. These help the audience to understand the point better as they can easily relate. Good presenters know how to use a story to build a connection with the audience.

#Tip 9:

It is absolutely fine to say sorry if you are wrong. If you arrive late or proved incorrect by someone, you can always go ahead and apologize. There is nothing wrong with it. It is great to appear confident but arguing unnecessarily with your audience just to prove them wrong should be avoided.

#Tip 10:

Smile and have fun. You made the presentation, worked hard on it for days and tried to make it as amazing as possible. So, now during the presentation smile and enjoy the fruit of your hard work.

Trust me, it is not as dreadful as it seems even for those who have a fear of public speaking. You just have to arm yourself with confidence and knowledge and you will kill it.

What tips do you have to make a presentation successful?