Resume Mistakes That Make You Look Less Talented Than You Are

Resume Mistakes That Make You Look Less Talented Than You Are

Is your resume getting rejected repeatedly? Have you made these resume mistakes? Find out all about resume mistakes and how to rectify them, here.

Resume mistakes that might get you rejected even when you have the qualifications.
Resume mistakes that might get you rejected even when you have the qualifications.

Have you done many internships through your college years or worked with some great company or volunteered for fests and events, yet you seem unable to take home the job you want? Forget the job, are you getting rejected without even being called for the job interview? Yes? Then chances are that there is something wrong with your job resume. So, what are these resume mistakes that are undermining your achievements? Let’s find out…

Your accomplishments are given centre stage instead of responsibilities

Of course, mentioning your accomplishments is important as it can tell the recruiter that you are a serious candidate and have done made it far. However, when your accomplishments are not peppered by lines about your responsibilities, then that might sound a bit off.

It is great that you worked for some big brand but what were your responsibilities when you were there? What did you do and how did you approach problems? All these things matter a lot more and should be highlighted on your resume. If you handled the social media for so and so company, then talk about how you did it and what did you do to ensure that the followers increased or people interacted with the posts.

You are unsure about the job you want

Your resume needs to be specific and talk about the job you are applying for. Your resume should help you secure the job you want and not just a job you are qualified for. The biggest of the resume mistakes you can make is to make your resume a general one that talks about all your qualifications and doesn’t specify what you want.

Introspect and realise what is the job or the kind of job you are looking for. Make your resume specific to that vision you have in mind. When you are clear in your head, it will (and it should) reflect on your resume and up your chances of getting selected.

Take credit for your work

Talking about a group project and what you achieved as a team is not enough. Talk about your achievements and what you did as an individual. Even if you did not lead the team, it doesn’t undermine the work you put in the project.

If you played cricket in college then talk about it and any achievement on an individual level. The recruiter would want to know about you and what you have achieved individually even when you might have worked in a group.

Don’t strive too hard to fit in

Of all the resume mistakes, this is the one that never catches anyone’s attention. When you write your resume you choose the best format, probably copy a friend’s or a senior’s resume or look for resume ideas on the internet. You look for certain keywords to be used, the length of the resume and everything that will make you seem like a professional just recommending himself.

However, most people applying for the job you will be applying for might have read those very tips and would have gone with the popular format of creating a resume. As such, it will be highly unlikely that your resume will stand out and grab the attention of the recruiter. While there are certain things you should stick to while building your resume, adding a touch of uniqueness will do wonders too.

So, keep these resume tips in mind to avoid the common and not so common resume mistakes that might be costing you the job. Keep it in mind that your resume should be unique and say clearly whatever you want to say. Do away with extra text-padding, keep the language crisp and simple, highlight the best points and watch as newer job opportunities rise up to embrace you.