Looking for Engineering jobs? Have a look at some of the hottest...

Looking for Engineering jobs? Have a look at some of the hottest opportunities :)


Full Stack PHP Developer, Karmanya Software Pvt Ltd

About Karmanya Software Pvt Ltd: Karmanya, founded in 2007, serves global clients in the areas of Product Development, Domain Consulting and Technology Consulting. Karmanya’s founders have worked for big IT companies across globe and has vast experience in Information Technology industry. Karmanya has been profitable from day one and growing fast.

Job description:

  • Have experience building complex web applications.

  • Proficient in PHP, Laravel/Symfony, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, jQuery, MySQL/PostgreSQL

  • Have thorough understanding of OOP, MVC, ORM, and RESTful APIs

  • Are very comfortable with Git and GitHub.

  • Know Agile methodology and can write clean and compact code.

Required skills:

  • Experience with Heroku or Engine Yard
, Vagrant, Forge, Lumen, Envoyer
, good understanding of templating engines such as Twig, Blade

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2. QA Engineer, Green Apples TechSystems Pvt. Ltd.

About Green Apples TechSystems Pvt. Ltd: Green Apples TechSystems Pvt. Ltd. is a technology products company making and selling products for Education & Health Sectors. The company is founded by well experienced professionals with unique knowledge base in end to end product life cycle, in-depth technological know-how, extensive business and managerial expertise with more than two decades of industry exposure. The founding team brings their innate unstinted passion for technological innovation and a vision to bring transformational technology products to the masses to help and improve efficiency in their day to day lives.

Job description and Skills required:

  • Formulate & Write Test Plan, Test Strategy, and Test Cases, from ERD (Engineering Requirement Documents)

  • Translates Requirements into Test Plans/Cases taking into account the target End User, Environment, Performance requirements, and overall systems.

  • Visualize the Needs & Requirements of the end users based on the PRD (Product Requirement Document) & help enhance ERD

  • Review of Product Documentation (End User Documentation)

  • Recreating issues/defects reported from the field.

  • Hands on experience in software testing (Web Based Applications Preferred)

  • Solid interpersonal and leadership skills

  • Ability to work independently with minimal supervision with technical aptitude

  • Extremely motivated and determined; Ability and willingness to travel when required

  • Candidates will work on web based application in education & healthcare verticals

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