7 Creative Career Options in Designing Field- Jobs Insights and Future Scope

7 Creative Career Options in Designing Field- Jobs Insights and Future Scope

There are many Career Options in Designing field. In fact this is one of the best emerging domain for the imaginative heads out there. There has been a blooming market in different online channels coming with different requirements altogether.


There are many career options in Designing field. This is one of the best emerging domain for the imaginative heads out there. After all, whatever you see had once been someone’s fascination.

7 Creative Career Options in Designing Field
7 Creative Career Options in Designing Field

The art of design is all about giving expression to visualization. It can be on any platform. Henceforth, it branches into multiple career options specialization-wise. Also, there has been a booming market in different online channels coming with different requirements altogether. Therefore, it has resulted in the rise of numerous career options in designing.

So if you enjoy the art of building your imagination into reality, then here is a detailed guide for you to explore gripping career options in the designing field. Find out below:-

Are you eligible to build a career in Designing field?

You must run through the eligibility criteria before embarking on your designing journey. There are multiple ways through which you can hone basic to advance skillsets in designing. Hence, here is a holistic overview of course-wise eligibility criteria:-

Are you eligible to build a career in Designing field?

Are you eligible to build
a career in Designing field?For Bachelors in Designing- This career field is all about creativity and imagination. Therefore, there is no restriction on the stream (art, commerce or science) you belong to in your class 12th. Though there is a minimum marks requirement that varies from university to university.

For Masters in Designing- Those who wish to pursue a masters in the designing specialization must hold a minimum bachelor’s degree.

Thus, there is no rigid education qualification to kickstart your designing career. However, you must note that every institute reserves its separate terms and conditions. 

Others- Many other certificate programs help understand the foundational aspects of designing. These programs have flexible eligibility guidelines and are very useful in honing basic skills. 

Explore 7 Lucrative Career Options in Designing

Since this field is ballooning at an exponential rate. Therefore, many different career opportunities are emerging along with that. Some are online in nature while others are offline.

Explore Lucrative Career Options in Designing

Explore Lucrative Career Options in DesigningThese can turn out into extremely profitable deal if worked consistently with great involvement in them. So, let’s delve into it the 7 exciting career options in designing:-

1. UI Designing

There are many ways to reach a destination. However, there is one way that is efficient and the most desired. You may be wondering how is it related to User Interface designing?
It is because UI designing is fundamentally based on this concept. The idea behind this is to create a user-friendly experience on online channels and applications.
For instance, consider a situation:-

Impact of Bad User Interface

“You have created an advantageous app. However, the UI is not optimized. Thus, whenever, a new user discovers your application, he/she faces a hard time exploring your services. The buttons are misaligned. The aesthetics are hardly worked on. The overall application lacks an interactive design. As a result, he/she chooses to opt-out of your app. It doesn’t end there. An unsatisfied customer spreads the word to many others and thus it multiplies the effect so on and so forth.”

Thus, designing UI for web applications plays a pivotal role in determining the success rate. Thus, there is a huge demand for UI designers in today’s time.

2. UX Designing

Now, UX or User-experience designing can be regarded as a sibling of UI designing. However, both of them differ from each other. UX design looks into the overall working of the application. It works on constant improvement of the user interaction with the digital platforms. Day in and day out numbers of new visitors face challenges with a non-cooperative online platform. Henceforth, a potential business ends up losing several clients. therefore, constant UX designing is required to enhance the visitors’ experience. Remember, the more efficient one’s website is, the more the visitors and the more the happy customers, the more will be your chances to grow and expand.

3. Website Designing

Who likes a slow website? No one. Therefore, today while millions of businesses are operating online, there is a raising need for website designers who can create an efficient, glitch-free website. This may or may not require technical skills. Website designing involves graphic designing, UI designing, authority building and more. It may also require your expertise in specific CMS like WordPress and more. Today numbers of the business lookout for such individuals who can design their website for the required CMS.

4. Product Designing

Ever wondered who crafts those beautiful designs which captivate your eyes while generally window shopping across your favourite store? Ever imagined who manages to make the cover of your laptop bag a little more edgy and untroublesome?

Yes, it is the project designer who is responsible for doing so. This professional always goes a per cent ahead to ensure your user-experience easy and aesthetically on-point. Product designing is the dream of many creative heads out there. Quite obviously because it offers them free space to think and craft their minds into reality. The future scope of this field is undoubtedly high because every industry is striving to build brands that are user-friendly and user-magnets. 

5. Interior Designing

Ever entered that house or that building where you just get awestruck with the very designs and aesthetics? And then you remain stuck with for days thinking about it? Or are you thinking to become the person behind it?
Yes, that’s the work of an interior designer. These professionals look into the decore of homes, societies, workplaces and what not. They get exposed to wide-ranging projects to experiment on during their professional journey.

6. Video Game Designing

Gaming is yet another profitable industry in today’s time. There is a surge of gamers like never before. All thanks to digital platforms and the rise of gamers. It has been estimated that the worth of gaming would be around USD 300 billion by the year 2025. So the very data says it all. If you are someone who wishes to be the professional behind these games, then you can always see into the career options as a video game designer. 

7. Animation 

While animation remains an ever-green career opportunity. However, you need to have the flair for the animation. If it is lacking and you are just driven towards a lucrative future, then probably it will not be the right idea. Therefore, the animation is all about putting your anime imagination into motion. If that fuels within you, then there is no career option like that.

How to start a career in these designing fields?

Now that we know 7 exciting options to start in the designing field, let’s find out how we can take the first step. The best part of this domain is that it requires your expertise more than your professional experience on your resume. Undeniably, professional experience gives you the edge over others but you need to start somewhere to get there. 

i. You can start with entry-level jobs and on gaining the relevant amount of experience, you can branch out into an independent designer too. There are many other options.

ii. You can also start your endeavour after gaining relevant expertise in the field. 

iii. You can showcase your designs on social media platforms to build a potential clientele as well. Also, you can start building a portfolio while in college by taking up freelance projects. In this way, you can end up getting a decent job right after your graduation because of your expertise

Placement Assistance in Designing 

There are many career options in the designing field. We have already had a gist of that. Now, you can always start with entry-level jobs. If you have a community already, portfolio or have tried some freelance projects, then you may even get an intermediate level opportunity. It is because all an organization looks for is your skillset.

Placement Assistance in Designing
Placement Assistance in Designing
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So now, here is your chance to shape your designing career and take it to newer heights.

All the best!