Lessons you can learn from Tyrion Lannister to excel at job interviews

Lessons you can learn from Tyrion Lannister to excel at job interviews

Job interviews with Tyrion Lannister.
Job interviews with Tyrion Lannister.

Tyrion Lannister is undoubtedly one of the most engaging and interesting characters in the Game Of Thrones series. He is witty, fun, knows his punchlines and has an uncanny sense of survival and humour. However, if we were to pick some tips for job interviews from him, then we would come out with some incredible gems.

Wear confidence like an armour

How do you think Tyrion Lannister gets by everything that goes on his life? How do you think he managed to win over the mountain clans? With confidence!

Your confidence during job interviews can help you win a lot of battles too. Recruiters value confidence and the verbal and non-verbal cues you send out stating the same. So, work on that aspect of things.

Knowing the field

Another important interview tip that you can pick from Tyrion Lannister is, knowing the field. Whenever faced with absurdities, Tyrion has always made it a point to know the field he is playing in well. Whether it be knowing his enemies well, learning about his friends or keeping an eye on everyone to know that he is not particularly surprised by things.

When preparing for job interviews, you too need to know everything about the companies you are applying in and what are their goals and aspirations. Doing your homework well can have a deep impact on how you present yourself during an interview and the kind of impression you leave on the recruiters.

Using everything to the best of your advantage

Remember the battle of King’s Landing when Stannis had tried to invade them? He knew he was awfully short on all fronts, yet he used whatever he had to hold the fort and eliminate a huge chunk of the Stannis’ army.

While of course, we are not suggesting you eliminate anyone but you sure can use whatever you have to present a compelling and winning case for yourself and why you are the right candidate. That means, using your skills and achievements to the best of your advantage and connecting them with the job description to tell the recruiter how you are best suited for the job.


Tyrion Lannister with all his wits can help you find success at job interviews and guide you to the sweet triumph of proving yourself in every which way. So, follow his interview tips and get set to make the most of every opportunity.