How to Increase Your Chances of Cracking AMCAT In The First Attempt

How to Increase Your Chances of Cracking AMCAT In The First Attempt

Looking to clear the AMCAT in the very first attempt? Yes? The prepAMCAT is the tool that you need to achieve that goal and increase your chances of cracking the AMCAT.

Cracking the AMCAT!

With rising competition, getting a good job is becoming the fruit of only the best and the most talented. As such, you need something extra to tell the recruiters you are skilled and ready for the job. In an over-populated world where so many people sport similar qualifications, you need to stand out. And, how do you do that? With the help of the AMCAT exam!

AMCAT has been pitching the talented lot to the fore for a long time now. It is acting as the connecting neuron between companies and candidates and giving each the opportunity to choose the best. However, with so many companies hiring through AMCAT and more and more candidates opting for AMCAT every year, the competition is sky high.

To ease your AMCAT journey and help you fare well despite all the competition, we have compiled a few handy tips on how you can increase your chances of cracking AMCAT in the first attempt.

Know the modules

AMCAT has a few different modules, each of which focuses on one particular area of interest. The first module is of English. This module determines the candidate’s ability to understand written and spoken English and test their communication skills. The syllabus includes everything from synonyms to antonyms to error identification.

The second module is of Quantitative ability, which focuses on testing your numerical abilities and can be both of technical and non-technical flavour. The syllabus includes basic profit and loss and division to probability and logarithms.

The third module is that of Logical reasoning and tests your ability to interpret things objectively. The syllabus includes puzzles, data sufficiency and logical word sequence among others.

The final module is the most important and differs from candidate to candidate. It is a subject based module and you can opt for which module you want to take when you schedule the AMCAT test.

Work on the basics

If your core is strong, you will obviously do better in the AMCAT exam. So, spend one hour on each topic, every day. The first three modules are compulsory for all specializations. Work on solving questions and working on your shortcomings. The last module is course-based and requires you to know the nitty-gritty of your chosen subject.

Go through the syllabus

Now that you are familiar with the modules, you need to start looking into the syllabus for the test. You should familiarize yourself with the test topics in advance and start preparing accordingly.

Check the sample papers

With the syllabus in hand, you can start timing yourself by working on the sample papers. Schedule at least two sample papers each day, especially if you are short on time. Keep an eye on how much time you are devoting to each question and how you can work on your speed. This will help you not only do better in the AMCAT but in other competitive exams as well.

Check your test readiness with prepAMCAT

By now you might have started preparing for the AMCAT but how will you know how AMCAT ready you actually are? How will you know your weaknesses and where you need to focus more? Or how will you know your strengths and how to strengthen those strengths? For all that, you can take the help of prepAMCAT.

PrepAMCAT is the official AMCAT preparation mock test that will help you understand what to expect from the real test and how to take your preparation forward. PrepAMCAT allows you to assess your readiness for the test well in advance. Since it is based on the pattern of the actual test, it gives you an idea of what sort of questions you can expect.

Revise important topics

Once you have attempted prepAMCAT, you will get a fair enough idea of which topics are more important and require your attention. You can start working on those topics afresh and revise them thoroughly before the final exam.

Take notes, practice problems along the same pattern as those given in the prepAMCAT and try to understand the concepts. Don’t crap things up or you might forget them when the time arrives.

Take a deep breath

Fretting unnecessarily over things won’t do you any good. So, instead of putting your time and effort in worry about what the future may hold, try to relax and think positively. If you have prepared enough and are aware of your short-comings and strengths then you will have a better chance of preparing for the test. Do that and take a deep breath. Don’t lose your sleep over it.

Preparing for AMCAT might seem like a mammoth task. With so many people giving the test, you might think that you won’t be able to stand above the crowd. However, if your preparation is true, if you have worked on the core skills, know your basics and have timed yourself well to know the pace you need to keep to attempt all questions in the exam, then you stand a good chance of doing well. So, leave worries and get ready to score well and write your success story.