‘Got my first interview call within a week of the AMCAT test’

‘Got my first interview call within a week of the AMCAT test’

Akash Deep Arora, our AMCAT success story for the day, explains how he overcame a long disappointment after clearing the AMCAT Test. Here is his story.

From the achievers' diaries: Akashdeep on what he learned from his job search experience.
From the achievers’ diaries: Akashdeep on what he learned from his job search experience.

As a graduate from the 2015 batch, if you’re still looking for IT jobs, we get you. We have an idea of what you have been going through. Market sentiments are low on good jobs and many companies, especially IT companies have been known to hold positions in reserve or reject candidates.

How do you rise above these and ensure you get a job? We explain, with the example of Akash Deep Arora, a 2015 graduate, who overcame all odds and secured a job as a software engineer with Tavant Technologies, after his successful AMCAT test.

Life before the AMCAT test

Akash Deep Arora, our AMCAT success story for the day, is a student who had been trying hard in the job market for some time. Arora, a graduate from the Moradabad Institute of Technology, calls the period “a long disappointment” from different IT firms.

AMCAT Test Experience

When quizzed about his journey to his current position as a software engineer in Tavant Technologies, Akash simply says, “After having a long disappointment from different ITs, AMCAT helped me in getting a good and secure job.” In fact, he shares that he got “countless” interview calls from the get-go, with the first not even a week after he received his results.

The Journey Ahead

Arora completed his arc with the AMCAT test – giving the test, clearing it with a good score, receiving interview calls, clearing the position for Tavant Technologies and now sharing his experience with us.

We asked him, “Would you suggest other job seekers to take AMCAT?” His answer, “Yes. The AMCAT provides you with a number of opportunities which suit your profile. (In fact), I found my good and secure job (with it) after a long disappointment with IT companies.”

And what about his entire job search journey. What learnings does he bring to prospective graduates, who are also looking for their own fresher jobs. “Be focused. Don’t lose hope. Keep practising.”


  1. What is it score and how did u get a call with in a week for getting the result it self will take a week ?

  2. Hi Rekha,

    It depends case-by-case. We generally ask candidates to wait for a month, though in this case, they got it immediately.

  3. I am a BCA graduate(2015 pass out),Currently doing MBA. I want to get into IT companies. How will AMCAT score help me get jobs in IT if I appear for AMCAT Job in july?

  4. Being an #amcat topper, I got a good score with 95+ score in most sections. Within two days, I got result and after that I started getting calls. I hope this clears the doubt.

  5. In any doubt reach out to my Facebook page or you tube channel “Bilali Dastaan” or inbox me on Facebook username as akash.arora.7186

  6. I have completed b.tech from electrical & electronics field (2016). I can attend amcat test or not nd any chances for me to get job from relevant field.. Plzzz suggest me anyone ..and reply soon

  7. hi I hav completed my BE (EEE) 2015 batch since I haved tried to get into IT jobs I haven’t succeded so if I write amcat exams will I get a job in my core field itself..???plz any one reply for these…

  8. Hi Sagar,

    The AMCAT Test can connect you to relevant, matched jobs in your desired field. However, as we have seen with multiple achievers – it all depends on how well you prepare for the assessment. If you’re looking for core jobs, you would need higher scores in specific subject assessments. We would recommend going through our Cracking the AMCAT pieces, especially the one on engineering jobs.