Can you have your office romance and your job too? Find out...

Can you have your office romance and your job too? Find out here.

Office romance is here to stay. But can you balance that best with your job - find out through our unique test on how you score on keeping both of them.

Office romances are here to stay. But can you balance that best with your job?
Office romances are here to stay. But can you balance that best with your job?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Eying your significant other across the bay, as you daydream over the last few hours in office before your big evening together. And idly going through all the red and pink coloured posts that float into your mailbox or your newsfeed…. Then stop! And give a shot at how you can work on ensuring both your relationship and your office job lasts through.

Office Romance Today:

Some say yes. Some say no. Some are mindful of what they should do. But like or not – an office romance exist right alongside long working hours, an extended sense of comfort within your team and finding more reality in your work life than that outside. They can be heated, spur of the moment liasions, project-long engagements, or can transcend to a romantic ever after.

Office romances are more real now than say, a few years ago. With the number of freshers pulling into the job market right after they graduate, office is now becoming the new comfort zone. Team interactions, get-togethers and a sense of belonging make it a ripe mingling ground for long friendships and more.

The Office Romance Test

We, the Aspiring Minds team, have come up with an interactive list of Do’s and Don’ts for Office Romance that can help you judge your place in this game of cupids and whether it is for the long haul or not! Take your notes and count how many 1’s, 2’s or 3’s you get:

i) You are in a relationship with:

  1. Your reporting manager
  2. Your team-mate or direct colleague (same department)
  3. Your colleague across the office (different department, reporting structure).

ii) You meet daily:

  1. Every few moment in office
  2. During Lunch or occasionally outside
  3. Casual Hi’s only in office. Evenings or outside for time together.

iii)  You get a ping, requesting for some me time. Your response:

  1. Let’s Go
  2. Is it important – I have some work to finish.
  3. Let’s Talk In the Evening.

iv) Your significant other hold the reins over a favour you need. Will you:

  1. Ask blatantly for it.
  2. Talk casually about it, once or twice.
  3. Not mention it – work and love should be separate.

v) It didn’t work. What will you most likely do?

  1. Bitch about him/her. Make them rue slighting you.
  2. Change jobs or locations
  3. Ignore at work. Be professional.

vi) Which statement is mostly you?

  1. My relationship is my business – who I have it with shouldn’t concern my office
  2. Let’s be together but not in other people’s sight
  3. After office – Yes. During – No

Liked it? Then click below to find out what your score means:

Mostly 1’s:

You’ve made your choice – it’s love or lust – however, you may call it – over your job. A reporting manager or asking for favours may mean that you took on the relationship for a better chance careerwise, but dear one, that’s a recipe for disaster – as Juliet, our special editor for the day in the next bay, says.

Even if it’s true love, it has people around you talking and not in a good way. Pause and think – are you balanced enough to deal with things if they don’t end the way you want them?

Mostly 2’s:

My sweet, sweet besotted heart! You are largely thinking of merrily ever after, though in a very real world. And if things, unfortunately, ‘don’t work your way’, you can still salvage your position at work – though whether you want to is a different story.

Mostly 3’s:

If there ever was a lady/gent with a perfectly balanced set of scales – it would be you. That sexy colleague is as good as your job for you and you’re perfectly minded towards both. You are mindful of what should be done during the workplace and what’s best outside – and will be able to keep both your office romance and your job.