AMCAT syllabus for students from IT engineering

AMCAT syllabus for students from IT engineering


amcat syllabus for IT engineering


If you are reading this blog, it most likely means that you are an IT engineer looking to bag your dream job through AMCAT. It can get a tad obscuring for a few candidates to understand the amcat syllabus, especially, for IT engineers; given the wide range of technical modules covered in the test.

So, in this article, we have made an attempt to help such IT students who are planning to give AMCAT and are looking to understand the amcat syllabus thoroughly.

If you go through the amcat syllabus, on the website, you’d see a wide range of technical as well as non-technical modules listed there. However, these modules can broadly be divided into two sections;

1. Compulsory Modules                          2. Optional Modules


The Compulsory Modules include 3 basic modules which are a part of any aptitude test; viz., Verbal, Logical, Quantitative.

However, what separates AMCAT from other generic aptitude tests is one additional module which is the part of the Compulsory Modules section as well; it’s the AMPI or Aspiring Minds Personality Inventory.

This is a personality-based test, which analyzes a candidate’s personality traits and measures their employability index on the basis of it. This helps candidates as well as employers to find the right match for the right profile.

Now, the part where most of the candidates, who are giving AMCAT for the first time, may get confused is the Optional Modules section.

These are, basically, subject-specific domains from which a candidate has to choose minimum one and maximum of two modules at the time of the test.

Now, for the IT engineering candidates selecting the optional module from the amcat syllabus can be a little tricky. Many of the candidates have raised this issue that they do not find a dedicated module for IT engineering. And that’s where the catch is.

For IT engineers, the optional modules that they should choose from the amcat syllabus are Computer Science and Electronics & Semiconductors.  Here’s why:

AMCAT Syllabus – Computer Science Module

The computer science module in amcat syllabus comprises of the following topics;

Operating System and Computer Architecture:

  • Basics of OS
  • Computer Architecture
  • I/O and File Management
  • Memory Management
  • Process Management and Synchronization
  • Process Management



  • Basic concept, Data model, Views, Operation, TRC, DRC, Architecture
  • Normalization, Generalization, ERD, Key, Database, SQL, Joins, Indexing


Computer Networks:

  • Basics of Computer Networks & Communication
  • Routing
  • Reference Network Model and Protocols

This module is relevant for candidates looking to find jobs in the following profiles:

– Database Administrator

– Systems Analyst

– Computer Network Architect

– Information Security Analyst

– Network Engineer

– Web Developer

– Software Developer

– Technical Writer 



AMCAT syllabus – Electronics & Semiconductors Module

This module comprises of the following topics;

Semiconductors and Devices:

  • Basics of semiconductor
  • Two terminal devices
  • Three terminal devices

Analog Electronics:

  • Basic for circuit analysis
  • Small Signal and Large Signal Circuit Analysis
  • Feedback, stability and oscillators
  • Op-amps
  • Filters

Digital Electronics:

  • Boolean Algebra and minimization of Boolean functions
  • Logic families
  • Combinational Circuits
  • Sequential Circuits
  • VLSI Basics

This module assesses the job suitability of the candidate in those companies which deal with Embedded Systems, VLSI design, SOC, Electronic, Design and Automation Companies etc. And is suitable for job roles in the following profiles;

– Electronics Engineer

– Hardware Engineer

– Sales and Operations Manager/Executive for Electronic Industry Processes

– Research Scientist

– Technical Content Developer

Now, if you analyze the topics covered under these two modules, you’d find that both contain topics which are also the essential part of an IT engineering syllabus. Which is exactly what the recruiters would be looking at.


With thousands of IT engineers graduating every year, the competition to bag a suitable IT job, and that too with one of the big IT firms, can get really challenging. The big MNCs seldom visit non-premium colleges and universities leaving very low scope for the students of such colleges to get a dream start to their career.

This is exactly where AMCAT comes into the picture by helping such candidates who have the potential and deserve to get a job in big IT companies.

So, if you have completed your graduation and looking to bag your dream job in IT, then register for AMCAT today and start with your amcat syllabus preparation. All the best!

Check out the complete syllabus for AMCAT here.


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