Job tips: 5 Ways to get promoted faster

Job tips: 5 Ways to get promoted faster

Know the 5 strategies that will help you move up the ladder.



Are you tired seeing your colleagues progressing faster than you? Promotions aren’t given. You have to work hard and earn it. But, there are certain strategies that you can incorporate of getting considered when the next opportunity rolls out.

1. Concentrate on giving your best every single day:

Whatever position you are in, you need to give it your best shot every day. It is useless to crib if you are not trying. Apart from your excellent performance, there are certainly other factors that play an important role when it comes to select the one up for the promotion. Show your willingness to walk that extra mile, be punctual, work hard and be a team player. When it comes to promotions it is just not your work but the extra thing that sets you apart from others.

2. Visibility:

“Be a self-marketer, not a self-promoter,” says John Lees, author of Take Control of your Career. Self-marketing focuses on how to make the like of the buyer simple rather than focusing on the qualities of the product. “What is the biggest challenge faced by your team?” or “How can you take the work from your manager to lighten his burden? Try to seek answers for these questions. Also, it is not always bad to sell yourself. You can send a report to your bosses informing them about the project developments, sharing all the accomplishments and achievements of the month. This way the team and the bosses will become aware of your proactive nature and how your contributions are making the work simple.

3. Develop a good relationship with your manager:

Research says that four out of five employees who got promoted had a mentoring relationship with someone higher in the firm who spread the good word about them. It is very important to have a good mentoring relationship with your manager or with someone higher in the organization. This way you will know a lot more about the products and services that the firm offers, all the recent updates, internal vacancies and also about the jobs that you might want to consider in the near future. It is always advisable to have good professional and mentoring relationship with your seniors.

4. Enhance your skills:

This is one of the best ways to get considered for promotions. Try to expand your knowledge in the areas that are crucial for your organization. You need to keep yourself updated as technology and other environmental factors change rapidly. This will also help you stay marketable.

5. Be a team player:

Teamwork and promotion are directly proportional to each other. Today, much of the work is completed through teams so it becomes very important to share successes with your team and to avoid pointing fingers when there are downfalls. And, by being a team player you increase your value to the organization.

Employ these tips to secure a tight grip in the organization. And, if you have any other strategies around getting promotions share with us.