Gain mastery over the time management skills- Comprehensive Guide

Gain mastery over the time management skills- Comprehensive Guide


Time management skills are an unprecedented quality beheld by any successful professional or a student.

It is rightly said, “If you want to be more productive, you need to become master of your minute.”

Time Management
Time Management: Source

Time management is all about planning, scheduling and taking note of all your activities to ensure the highest efficiency throughout the day. Lack of a proper schedule can lead to a series of simultaneous repercussions.

Unmanaged time can pile up into pending work, which can add to stress and loss of energy due to prolonged procrastination. Henceforth, it has become a common reason behind tensed situations as a person finds himself/herself helpless to cope with the mammoth tasks.

Therefore, AMCAT presents a comprehensive guide to master the art of time management.

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What is time management skills?

Undeniably, your professional growth is an outcome of your exceptional time management skills. One can perform a task in many ways. However, the less time you take in accomplishing it with the least resistance makes you efficient and vice versa. The simple acting of supervising your day in a productive way is called time management.

It is, therefore, a common trait every that a recruiter looks for while interviewing aspirants for various job roles.

Multitasking- Myth Busted

There is a common misconception about multitasking. Many people think that it is about performing multiple activities at one time.

Do you know doing that would only lead to complete exhaustion and thereby adding up to job stress?

People have limited time and energy. This energy can play phenomenally well when utilized in a focussed direction. However, if it is distributed on multiple things, then it would naturally lead to exhaustion.

Gain Mastery Over Time Management Skills
Gain Mastery Over Time Management Skills

Thus, multitasking is not about it. Rather, it is more about doing one activity at a time with full attention. Henceforth, a person will able to complete it timely and hop on to the next task.

To learn the art of multitasking, one must learn time management first. Now, scheduling for the sound time organization varies at every walk of life. This means that for students it demands a different strategy while for professionals, it calls for a disparate plan altogether.

Time management skills for students

Students are absorbed in assignment, internships, projects and examination. Amidst this, they need to maintain a healthy balance lest it will become an uncontrollable mess leading to unwanted anxiety.

Therefore, every student, especially during their graduation must learn the art of time management.

Time management skills for professionals

All sorts of lengthy discussions are happening around promoting work-life balance. Why? Essentially because it is the need of the hour in every professionals’ life today.

In most cases, they end up hustling resulting in severe burnout and mental health issues.

It is high time that we address the elephant in the room screaming for too long now!

This situation will remain hollow until every professional employs time management skills in their job.

How time management skills can make or break your professional life?

Your work- professional or personal is a matter of time management only. If you slip into distractions, you will lose out on the important things.

You can do a job in one day, two days, or a year! On the other hand, another person may take half of your time with the same quality. Naturally, the recruiters will prefer the latter case.

Now, this is either due to two reasons:-

i. You lack the right skills, or
ii. Or you are losing pace with time.

For the former option, get your AMCAT skill certification to test your knowledge and to become a credible workforce.

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While for the second option is what we are discussing right now. Let’s understand how you can avoid losing pace with time.  Scroll down more:-

Change to change your timings
Pro tips to manage time
Pro tips to manage time

Here are is how you can manage your time:-

1. Set a timetable- Set your body clock

Setting a schedule is a powerful activity to organize your routine. It is important to understand that maintaining a timetable doesn’t just call for you to list your activities and time.

Interestingly, it has very much to do with your body clock. You may wonder what does that mean?

The human system, rather every living form has an innate clock. By accustoming with it, they will not need any reminders or alarm clock but will naturally develop important habits. Give yourself 21 to 40 days. Write down the task or habit which you would like to incorporate into your daily routine. Gradually, see the magic happening as your body clock accustoms your goals.

2. Undertake one task at a time

There is no need to submerge into a “polenta” of a long to-do list. Rather, undertake one task at once. In this way, you save on distraction and procrastination of following other engagements.

This avoids unnecessary preoccupation of mind. It saves up energy which in turn increases your efficacy. In this way, you ensure that your task is done in less time

3. Monitor your responses-

Attention is the fundamentals of time management. You may wonder how? The more attentive you become, the more work you can handle.

Therefore monitor your responses. The response here means that we are surrounded by ringing phones, important updates and more while working or studying.

Therefore, it is imperative to monitor your screen time over that interesting video you got engaged in while studying or that important message that you pushed you in an endless chat.

Undeniably, there is an urgent situation always. The important meeting may take time- probably hours. However, that depends on the nature of work and situation. therefore, manage accordingly.

4. Monitor your health on all levels-

Do you know your health has a direct impact on your productivity? Do not mistake it by thinking that physical fitness is enough. However, health and wellness transcend physicality. It comprises mental and emotional balance as well.

Studies suggest that a healthy person becomes way more intellectual than when he/she is in their unhealthy version.

Therefore, incorporate a small exercise regimen into your daily routine. This will channelize your energies in a constructive direction.

Practices to manage time effectively

Here is how you can actualise the above-listed points:-

1. Prioritization

If you are struggling in prioritizing your work, then you can follow a simple methodology. Always do the toughest task before. Wrap it up early and keep it aside. Henceforth, this will give you mental space to process further.

Otherwise, you will keep dreading the task by compromising on the other ones as well.

2. Set a to-do list

A little old-school, but an effective way to manage your schedule. If you have too much on your plate, then better sort it well. By setting a to-do list, you bring down the chances of missing out on any important work.

Also when you tick that task is done, you feel motivated to switch on to the next one. Therefore, visualise your work with a to-do list.

3. Add reminders if there are many tasks

Ensure adding reminders for crucial meetings and seminars, so that you are well ahead of time and deadlines.

4. Physical activity and  meditate

Take care of your physical and mental well being with meditation and any kind of physical activity.

So the next time when you find everything is all over the place, you would know what to do next. 

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