Exit gracefully! 6 Things you should never say in an exit interview

Exit gracefully! 6 Things you should never say in an exit interview


When you quit a job, there is a high possibility that the HR will ask you to participate in the exit interview. It is a good chance for you to exit your current company on positive notes to leave a good and everlasting impression. Employees have various opinions on exit interviews, but whatever your opinion is, you must always remember to be cordial and professional in the exit interview. Given below are 6 things that you should never say in an exit interview.
1. Never say negative things about your current company and co-workers: Try not to say things like: ‘’This is the worst company I have ever worked for”, “This place is a sinking ship”, “Nobody is happy here”, “My boss was the worst person I ever came across”, “ My team was very weak and uncooperative”, “I really want to see how the business runs without me” or “ I really hated (colleague name), she/he was never nice to me” Avoid these as much as you can in the exit interview. You might be having issues with the organization or some of your co-workers but always keep in mind this is not the platform to express these thoughts. This would not only give a bad impression about you but also make you look petty and spiteful. Try to give a feedback that would be beneficial for both the parties in the long run.
2. Never try to put down your other co-workers: Whether you admit it or not you always learn something new from your co-workers. No matter whatever opinion you hold about them personally or professionally, you must make sure that you do not say anything malicious about them in your exit interview. Always keep in mind the exit interview is certainly not the place to make personal comments about the employees of the organization.
3. Try not to brag about your new job: You are moving to a better and bigger organization. Great!! But, try not to minimize your current employer. Do not say things like, “My new job is amazing” or “My new company is far better in all aspects” Respect and value the knowledge and time you have spent here. All those skills and strengths that you proudly brag about in your resume, you have learnt it here. You should try and be humble as much as you can. It always helps!
4. Do not say anything in anger: You must always keep your cool at the exit interview. Try not to make things unpleasant for both the parties. Answer the questions that are asked in an honest and polite way. If there is something that you really want to point out then make sure of the language, words and way you choose. This is a session that can be productive if you want it to be. So, make the best use of it rather than making it an awkward session for you and the HR.
5. Do not say ‘No comments’ to any question: Avoid this. You must make sure that you handle questions (that you might not want to answer) tactfully and avoid saying ‘No comments’ as much as possible. You are sure to have an opinion after working in the organization for a considerable time, there is no need to run away from the questions being asked. Just remember what to say, how to say and you are good to go. Saying ‘No comments’ might seem rude and arrogant.
6. Do not say you would never like to join the company again: You never know what the future holds. You might be very confident and proud about your new job offer but that certainly doesn’t mean that you will act in an inappropriate manner and start feeling too superior about yourself. Never make the mistake of saying that you would never come back no matter what. A common question asked by the HR is, “Will you join again if given a chance in future?” Do not say “Never” or “No way”. You do not want to come back. Great! There is no problem with it as long as you keep it in your head.

This is the last impression you will leave with your current employer. Try to give it your best shot. Afterall, you never know what lies in the kitty next- you might have to work for that HR or boss gain. Don’t you think that it would be way better not to burn bridges? Give it a thought!