Career Advice | Why you need to be a Team Player at...

Career Advice | Why you need to be a Team Player at work?

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Read more on why you need to be a good team player


Team workA famous quote on teamwork reads “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

Working with a team or a group of people at work is pretty much a requirement in every role nowadays. Most employers want to hire a team player as they are critical to the success of an organization in achieving its goals. If you’re a sportsperson, then you can very easily relate to the importance of teamwork in life. But whether or not you’re involved in sports, being able to work together with people without conflict or friction can take you a long way. Here’s why teamwork is extremely critical at workplace –

Motivates all the members of the team

When the desired results are met, the outcome achieved, each member of the team feels a sense of accomplishment and bounces back for the next task with a renewed sense of optimism, enthusiasm and encouragement.

Forms a clear structure in the organization

Working in a team which has been assigned a particular task helps formulate a specific structure for the organization and helps adhere to its policies, ways of working and corporate ethics into one single unit. Also, it discourages the concept of hierarchies which further leads to politics among the people working together.

Encourages multi-disciplinary work

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This is where teams cut across organizational divides and other occasions wherein there could be some tiff among the coworkers. Teamwork fosters a shared sense of responsibility and loyalty towards the company that one is associated with which helps cut across various barriers.

Helps in establishing a concrete vision

When people with different perspectives look together and ahead in the same direction, a concrete vision is formulated and hence a shared sense of understanding leads the entire team to set out in the direction of achieving the same.

Quality of work


When a lot of people put their minds together in order to accomplish a certain task, the outcome becomes definitive to all the queries put forth by the clients. A team discussion plays on the strengths of its several members which not just puts forth the best ideas on the table but also reduces the possibilities of errors with several eyes screening the idea/presentation/project etc.

How can you become an efficient team player?

  • Work hard
  • Be accountable for your work
  • Adjust your behavior to accept feedback/criticism
  • Be confident of your contribution
  • Learn to be flexible and adapt quickly

So how would you rate yourself as a team player? Comment and let us know.

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