Business Analyst Jobs: How To Start Your Career And Long-Term Gain

Business Analyst Jobs: How To Start Your Career And Long-Term Gain


Business Analyst Jobs

Are you thinking about becoming a business analyst or have already started applying for business analyst jobs?

With a boom in technology, companies need a person to look after possibly everything; such as, data solutions, IT systems, and new inventions.

Today, India has about 1.2 million business analysts working in different sectors. Becoming a business analyst will open doors to a substantial number of opportunities and challenges.

Are you wondering what skills and qualifications are required to become a business analyst and what exact options will it present to you in near future?

Let us try to understand what a business analyst does, how to find the jobs and its advantages.


Who is a business analyst?

A business analyst is a fix it person of a company. They bridge the gap between concerns within a company and the solution needed to fix it.

The main role of a business analyst is to identify areas which need improvement and up gradation, and find the solutions through data analysis.

A generic KRA structure in business analyst jobs include:

  • Inventing new systems or upgrading the existing ones
  • Making recommendation in the IT department
  • Conduct analysis, training workshops, and documentation
  • Act as a support for communication between different stakeholders
  • Assess the changes a business needs
  • Assess the impact of changes made in a firm

How do you fit in business analyst jobs?

Becoming a business analyst is a promising career choice with the boom in IT industry today.

If you are interested in becoming a business analyst, a solid engineering and mathematics knowledge is necessary, followed by good communication, analytical and decision-making skills.

Further skills required to in business analyst jobs include;

  • knowledge about SQL,
  • proficiency in applied statistics,
  • great verbal and written communication,
  • problem solver and analyzer,
  • have business acumen,
  • ability to work under pressure,
  • necessary math and IT skills.

To become a business analyst and find a job in a top company requires you to work and upgrade your skills to prove that you are a good candidate.

You can take various online courses and certification like AMCAT Certificate.

It will help you in testing your skills and profiling yourself as a trustworthy and interested candidate backed up by certifications and sufficient knowledge.


How and where to land a perfect job?

Once you are done with your courses and certifications, you can start applying for the position of a business analyst at any of your shortlisted companies.

At the start, you might be positioned as a trainee, but with time, you will be promoted to the senior level.

Almost all Multi-National companies hire a business analyst to look after opportunities to grow and help them make investments.

Some of the major sectors where one can land a promising job as a business analyst are

  • manufacturing
  • retail
  • hospitality
  • banking
  • healthcare

Depending on your academic background, you can try to apply for a job in any of these sectors.

Few of the big companies, which hires business analyst: Accenture, McKinsey, Google, Flipkart, Wipro, IBM, Cognizant, Genpact, Infosys, and Deloitte.

You can also find various other companies who hire business analyst and have an opening regularly.


Is business analyst a promising career choice?

Yes, it is. A solid knowledge in domain area and analytical comprehension, and exposure to database management with added leadership, communication skills, and decision-making abilities can provide a lucrative career as a Business Analyst.

It is one of the most sought-after jobs today. Business analysts are rewarded with good pay packages as the need of having a good analyst who not only understands the domain but also has worthy skills is growing.

With growing demand and increase in competition, a business analyst can prove to be a propitious career choice with long-lasting benefits and gains.

You can start with a startup and end up with one of the biggest MNC in a short period. What you need is substantial knowledge in your preferred domain, and likeness with playing and extracting data, and analytics.